kim survivor one world 'Survivor: One World': The women make a moveWe’ve been teased in the promos that the women might ban together and start picking off the men, which would be pretty fun to watch. Let’s hope it’s not a “Survivor: One World” fake-out.

Plus, the guys aren’t stupid – Jay and Troyzan realize that the next person to go has to be a girl or the guys are in serious trouble.

Reward Challenge Brought to You by 7-UP

it’s the annual product-placement challenge. We get that in this era of DVRs, advertisers have to get their products in somewhere, but this is always so annoying. Anyway, they are divided into two tribes for this challenge. They race down a waterslide, get crates from the water and use the crates to solve a puzzle. Winners get a BBQ at the 7-UP Oasis.

The schoolyard pick has Jay/Troyzan/Kat/Alicia/Chelsea vs. Mike/Kim/Sabrina/Christina/Leif. Tarzan is not picked. The challenge starts and that waterslide is rather awesome, one of the best challenge sets ever.

Weirdly, the yellow team is behind and Christina, instead of helping with the heavy crate, runs ahead for some reason. What the heck was that? Anyway, Christina does lead the puzzle-solving, so that seems to redeem her when they win after having been behind.

At the reward, Leif and Mike pig out while Sabrina and Kim strategize about having a strong three-woman alliance with the two of them and Chelsea. Their plan is to get rid of Mike, thinking they’ll tell Troy that Mike wants him out. Hmm. If they could get Kat, Alicia and Christina with them, they don’t need to involve Troy and tip their hand. I’m not sure I’d say anything to Troy. Just go along with whatever BS he wants the Salanis to do.

Tikiano Camp

Meanwhile, back at camp, the losing tribe starts discussing who should be next and the guys think Christina, while the girls think Mike. Jay doesn’t like the numbers, but Kat does make a good point – Mike’s a huge threat, while Christina is NO threat. She’s weak in challenges and nobody likes her, how could she possibly win?

The next day, Tarzan is deconstructing the shelter for firewood and just continuing to alienate himself by being a crazy old man that nobody likes. Dude. Read a room. THEN – he confronts Chelsea about not liking him because she had a bad experience with her plastic surgeon (because that’s what he is). Wow. Yeah, that’s the way to make friends and influence people.

Kim then puts her plan in motion while telling Troyzan that Mike is targeting him. Ooh, that is a dangerous game to play. You’ve got numbers! You don’t need his vote! And if he talks to Mike between now and the vote, you are screwed, Kim.

Immunity Challenge

This challenge consists of maneuvering a ladder bridge while collecting puzzle pieces in bags. The first four that finish move on to solving a fairly complex puzzle. Jay, Kim, Troyzan and Alicia advance. Kim almost solves it, but has one piece wrong, then Alicia has the same problem. Then out of nowhere, Jay wins it. That was a cool puzzle. A+ to this episode for challenges. Very awesome.

Pre Tribal

Kim seems to have Troyzan on board with the boot Mike plan, but then the girls really push their luck by bringing it up to Jay. Jay smartly says he’s scared of the girls and Chelsea can’t even spin a good lie about how they won’t target Jay next. His radar is also pinging because Chelsea brings it up in front of the old Manono members Christina and Alicia. Kim rightly realizes this has become a huge mess because Chelsea is a moron.

Jay and Mike go off for a walk and Kim scrambles to do damage control – she runs after them and then before they can even talk, she blurts out “Christina! Let’s vote Christina!” It’s so transparent, but Mike doesn’t see it at all.

Kim, Sabrina and Kat now have to decide if they’re ready to throw down the gauntlet and vote out Mike, or pretend for one more vote and vote out Christina.

Personally, I think you throw down the gauntlet. First off, because Christina is not a threat to win anything – how does nobody see that? And secondly because the longer you leave Mike in the game, the bigger threat he is to start winning immunity. The week he or Jay are unprotected, you have to get them out.

Tribal Council

Jeff’s first question is who is worried they’re going home and nobody raises a hand. Wow. So then everybody just kind of gives these very diplomatic answers about alliances. Tarzan then opens his big mouth about how the game is afoot and everybody’s playing Jeff. Tarzan is a weirdo. But then Stupid Kat says Tarzan goes on his “rantics” – we wonder if that’s located anywhere near her appendix.

The Vote

We don’t see any votes, then they go Christina, Christina, Tarzan, Tarzan, Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike and Mike. Interesting. So the girls have drawn the line in the sand. Next week should be pretty good.

If the men have any brains at all, they’ll see that Christina (who again: won’t win anything) is on the outs and would be the easiest to poach. It’ll be interesting to see what they do.

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