troy jay survivor 'Survivor: One World': Troyzan makes his move, to the detriment of someone elseThe lines have been drawn on “Survivor: One World,” with the women voting out Mike last week. Can the men rally?


Troyzan, Jay and Tarzan are trying to figure out what they can do. If they’re smart, they’ll realize Christina can be poached and start with her. Later, the tribes get a DIY reward challenge. They divide into two teams and throw two balls on a string at some poles, hoping to wrap around and score points. I’ve played this with golf balls and PVC pipe, it’s fun.

The teams are Alicia/Jay/Troy/Tarzan/Kat and Sabrina/Christina/Leif/Chelsea/Kim. Troyzan nominate himself to host and he’s no Probst. He’s actually pretty obnoxious. The Alicia team wins a trip to a BBQ and Tarzan dances around in his tiny, gross drawers. Ew.

The Reward

Jay and Kat chat about Mike going home. Jay pushes her to keep the Salanis together and then he talking-heads that he’s “a little suspicious” that the girls are playing tricks. Um, catch up, dude. Do the math. The girls are owning your butts.

Later, back at camp, Kim is shoring up the women’s vote, while Chelsea says, “I got a lot going through my head.” Well, I’m not sure that’s true. But she’s rethinking their strategy now, having totally wussy feelings about betrayal, which sends all the women reeling about her wishy-washy crap.

Jay keeps talking to Kat about their plan, telling her that he and Troy need Kat to get rid of Alicia with them. Kat brings in Sabrina, Chelsea and Kim and they all say to Jay’s face that they’re down with Alicia going home, but they are lying. Of course, Chelsea’s conscience is eating away at her because apparently she’s one of those who doesn’t realize this is a game. She’s not sure she can be so deceitful. *eye roll*

Kim has the good sense to tell Alicia the plan, that it’s just a ploy for the guys’ sake but they’re acting like she’s going home. But whoever doesn’t win immunity out of Jay or Troyzan
is going home.

Troy is concerned the women are going to pull a fast one, but trusting Jay assures him that the women are trustworthy. Oh, Jay.

Immunity Challenge

They’re barefoot on a wooden perch with their hand tethered to a bucket. When your arm drops, you get wet and you’re out. An oldie but a goodie. There will also be food items as temptation.

Tarzan is out after literally one second. He doesn’t even get any food! Christina is out shortly afterwards too. Sabrina dumps her bucket for some milk and cookies. Kim and Kat dump their buckets for cupcakes and milk. Alicia dumps her bucket sight unseen, but winds up with a bowl full of candy.

Troyzan loses his balance and doesn’t get any food, he’s just out. So it’s Jay, Leif and Chelsea. But Jay steps down for chicken wings and beer. Yeah, that’s a good one. The next food offering is burgers and Leif takes it, so Chelsea wins immunity. And adorable Leif still gives her a burger. Awww.

Pre Tribal

Chelsea says she realizes that she has to turn on Jay and Troy because this is about a million dollars. Hey, look who just caught up. They think Troy iz the bigger threat because he wants to win so badly. They don’t know he has the Idol, but they decide just in case they’ll throw three votes Jay’s way. Are they counting Tarzan and Leif as automatic votes with them? Hmm.

Troyzan is suspicious and is planning on playing his Idol, while Jay claims the girls are trustworthy and he hasn’t heard a peep – like you would hear anything if they were plotting against you, dude. Don’t be dumb.

But speaking of being dumb, Jay runs to Kim and tells her about Troyzan’s suspicions and that he’s going to play his Idol. Dude! While Troyzan works on Christina to vote out Kim. Did anyone have time to get anything done? Hmmm. This is a very muddled picture going into Tribal.

Tribal Council

Jeff brings up the men getting voted out and Troy says he thought it was coincidence at first, but now the guys seem to be hip to what’s going on. Other than that, it’s a pretty tame Tribal Council.

During the vote, we see Jay vote for Alicia, Troy vote for Kim and Kat vote for Troy. Well, the guys certainly aren’t going to make any headway if they can’t all vote for the same person. Troyzan does play his Idol, then the votes go Troy, Troy, Kim, Jay, Alicia, Jay, Alicia, Jay and Jay. Interesting.

Poor Jay, he was just too darn trusting.

Next week: Troyzan is fighting tooth and nail to stay in the game.

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