troyzan women survivor 'Survivor: One World': Troyzan vs. the Women   who prevails?Troyzan goes a bit crazy in the wake of figuring out the women are running the show on “Survivor: One World.”

In the wake of Jay’s blindside at Tribal, Troy is rightly very nervous. He knows he’s next if he doesn’t win Immunity. Weirdly, the one he attacks is Christina – like she’s the only person who voted a certain way, or the mastermind.

The girls tell him not to attack her, and that makes him even more defensive. Alicia doesn’t need to get into it with him, but he really is being pretty snotty towards to Christina.

Then the next morning, Troyzan just marches up and gets in Chelsea’s face. He thinks it’s unfair to keep other people over him. Chelsea rightly points out that it’s a game – dude, you’re a threat. You’re likable, you’re not crazy (so far) and you’re a threat to win challenges. Don’t talk about “deserving” to be there. Who would you rather sit next to at the end? Yourself or someone like Christina, whom nobody likes?

People with that attitude on these shows are absolutely maddening. Look, if you played the best all-around game, you’d be at the end. Because you would’ve had the alliances, the popularity and the scheming to stay alive. If you get to the end, by definition you deserve to be there. Even if the bitter betties on the jury think you rode somebody’s coattails – that’s still a strategy.

Troyzan needs to pull himself together, keep his head down and concentrate on winning Immunity. Making everybody hate him is not going to help him at all right now. He has a right to be angry, sure. Everybody’s entitled to their feelings. But read a room, dude.

Troy then gets really ugly in a talking head, saying that these women are acting like women “in real life,” who get their food, shelter and stuff and then decide they don’t need a man anymore. Um, look, pal. These women smartly banded together and started picking off you dumb boys one by one. You got played. You straight-up got played by their alliance – they had you all voting WITH THEM for a couple weeks.

You need to stop acting like you strong men got them everything and now they are being ungrateful little women (who should be thanking their lucky stars for men while barefoot and chained to the stove, or something). Just shut up, and concentrate on Immunity.

Reward Challenge

Survivor auction! Love this challenge. Troy knows he needs to save his money for a clue or note or something, so at least he’s thinking ahead. If the women are smart, they’ll pool some money so he can’t get it. But considering how bonkers they went over food at the bucket-dump challenge last week, we aren’t holding our breath.

Oh, but then Jeff say no pooling money, no sharing items. Ahh. Donuts and iced coffee go for $160 to Chelsea; chips/guac/margarita go to Sabrina for $400; a protein shake and bananas go to Leif for $100; a shower and toothbrush goes to Kim for $40; a BLT/chips/iced tea goes to Kat for $180; peanut butter/chocolate goes to Kim for $240.

Alicia is being insane – she won’t bid on stuff, like you’re really spending $240 on chocolate and peanut butter! But then turns out Alicia’s not the only crazy one – Tarzan is keeping his $500 to fix the shocks on his jeep. What the what?! Are we crazy in thinking they are being crazy? Alicia, buy some damn food!

But then for the letters from home, Alicia spends $500 for hers. She’s sobbing because her dad has never written her anything in her life. Everybody starts crying. Aww. *sniffle* Then since that’s the price set, Tarzan uses his $500 on his letter, which he doesn’t share with the group.

Now there’s a big emotional moment, with Troy crying because he feels so alone after the last Tribal. Everybody looks so upset about it.

BUt the next item is an advantage in the next Immunity. Troy opens at $300, Christina goes $360, Troy goes $380, Christina goes $400, Troy goes $420. That was weird. We’re pretty surprised Troy didn’t open at $500 so he could get it automatically. And then we’re a little surprised CHristina, who hadn’t bid on anything yet, didn’t trump him with $500 and screw him over.

Then, Troy loses all good will he may have garnered with his emotional admittance that he’s all alone by bitching about how it’s not fair because everybody’s ganging up on him. Dude, you’re just bent out of shape because your alliance got played. Stop whining.

Kat hilariously goes, “I still got money left, let’s go.”

A mystery item with a note goes to Kat for $160. It’s a cake! The note says the cake is for the entire tribe. They have 60 seconds to eat it. It’s a feeding frenzy. Heh.

Back at Camp

Troy’s note lets him move right to phase two of the challenge, which is for the top four finishers, so his odds are increased pretty dramatically. He then sets out on a hunt for the next Hidden Idol. Kim says they have to search too.

Meanwhile, Chelsea the awful woman talking heads about how disappointing it was Christina didn’t take that note out from under Troy. Um, it’s not just on her. You witches could’ve saved your money too, instead of buying iced coffee and showers and letters from home and stuff. Don’t put that all off on her.

And then Chelsea and Alicia don’t even look for the Idol – um, that will help you, dummies!

Troy acts like he found an Idol, but that won’t really help him. The women will just split their votes and try to flush out the Idol and when there isn’t one, he’ll be gone.

Immunity Challenge

Round one is untying ropes. Top four then bounce coconuts to knock out targets. The top two use a slingshot to fire coconuts at a wall of targets. Troy moves on to round two, along with Kim, Christina and Tarzan. It comes down to Troyzan vs. Tarzan in the finals. It’s pretty close, but Troyzan wins Immunity.

Hey, you gotta hand it to him on the win, but then afterwards, he just starts preening and talking about how he’s being going 50% and they’re all scared to death of him. Dude, stop. You are safe! Shut your mouth and try to make some deals with the extra time you just bought, instead of being an abrasive jerk. After acting like this, even if he gets to the final three, none of these ladies are going to give him the money. Get a clue, Troyzan.

Pre Tribal

Kim smartly knows that turning on each other is not the way to go right now – Troy will smell the blood in the water and maybe get an idea about stuff. So it’s either Leif or Tarzan at this point. We are in complete agreement, it would be foolish to try to take out one of their own before Troy’s gone.

Honestly, we like Leif, but we’d probably get rid of him over Tarzan. Meanwhile, Troy is working on Leif, Tarzan, Christina and Alicia to make an alliance of five and take out Kim. It’s a great plan, but we’re not sure the girls will flip yet.

If Christina was smart, she’d swing over to the guys. She has to know how on-the-outs she is. But we’re not sure Alicia will cave.

Tribal Council

Troyzan loses his fool mind at Tribal. Sabrina comments that int he last two days, he’s been unrecognizable compared to his former self, which is true. He’s been a crazy jerk who can’t see the forest through the trees because he’s so mad at getting played by a bunch of women. And she says you can outwit all you want, but you have to be likable and he totally goes off on some truth tangent that we don’t even understand. She’s right, dude. The jurors give you the money, dummy.

Troy then calls out the Kim/Chelsea/Sabrina/Kat alliance and seems to be making a last-ditch effort for Christina and Alicia’s
vote. His math is a little off, though. One of Christina or Alicia would make Top 5 sticking with the women, and he’s being so off-putting that I wouldn’t want to switch either. And you could argue if they stick with the women, less competition in Immunity because the guys are gone (the ones left are no slouches in Immunity, especially Troy).

During the vote, we see Chelsea vote for Leif and Troy vote for Kim. The votes go Leif, Leif, Leif, Kim, Kim, Tarzan, Tarzan, Tarzan and … Leif! So Tarzan voted with the women! Wowwwww. Look at the old man, saving his own skin. Leif should’ve done that, voting for Kim was a waste of a vote.

Next week: Troyzan keeps working at an alliance. Can he do it?

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