bill posley survivor 'Survivor: One World's' Bill Posley: Colton's reality 'is so warped'Bill Posley was eliminated from “Survivor: One World” in what may be the craziest episode of the show we have ever seen in 24 seasons. Colton Cumbie was the leader of the effort to oust Bill and we had to commend Bill in our interview with him for not punching Colton for what he said to Bill.

I’m not even sure what to say about last night. I mean, I was mad after what I saw. I wanted to punch Colton after all the crap he was spewing last night.

“Yeah. That’s the general consensus there around the ‘Survivor’ community. He did not portray himself very well.”

Was he really like that? Was it editing at all?

“He was like that. You know, the deal with Colton is, and I’ve been trying to stress this over and over, Colton’s had a very sheltered life. He makes that comment about me being ‘ghetto trash’ and – if I’m a ghetto trash person in Colton’s world, you live a sheltered life, man. That’s just the truth. If I’m the hardest black person that that guy has ever met then his reality is so warped that … how do you deal with that? He’s in for a rude awakening if he actually ever goes to a ghetto.”

“I think it’s just an inexperience thing. But it’s like having somebody who doesn’t know anything about fixing a car just start talking and giving you opinions on how to fix a car. It’s just like – what do you mean? Discussing points of view of life without any experience in life – nothing makes you sound more ignorant.”

The race issue came up at Tribal. Do you think it was race? Or was he more classist, with what he said about your job and whatnot?

“I think it’s classist. I don’t want to pull the race card. I’m not by any means pulling the race card. Classist? Yes. How I choose to go about following my passions in life, how anybody chooses, is what makes us human. Especially in America … any person can walk the path they choose to walk without judgment. That’s what’s so beautiful about this country, the human experience. I think that if you’re not in Colton’s world, if you don’t come from the same place that he comes from, if you’re not like who he grew up with, he doesn’t want anything to do with you. He doesn’t want to get to know you. It’s a sad way to live. There’s so many amazing people out there who have never seen his world.”

Why did you agree to go to Tribal? I assume the show said it had to be unanimous for the tribe to do that?

“It did have to be unanimous. I went because I thought I had an alliance within that tribe that could’ve blindsided Colton. I thought I could’ve convinced them that these guys would see that he is not a person who should continue to play this game. Not because of his opinions but because he’s too dangerous to remain in the game because of all the drama he causes. I thought I had a strong alliance with Jonas, Troyzan and Jay and Big Mike, so I go there going Colton thinks that Leif’s going home or I’m going home, I can pull this move and blindside him and send him home with the Idol.”

So, obviously the experience wasn’t all you hoped it would be, but was it still a good experience?

“Oh, it was more than I hoped it would be. I have two amazing things that have come from it – 1) in today’s world, with computers, cel phones, social media, cars, planes, trains, life, responsibility, bills, everything that is responsibility and sources of stress in today’s society, I get to be ripped out of and put into a place where it’s just me and other people … I just get to exist. And to experience that and be that fully off the grid is something that most people will never get a chance to do and I got a chance to do that. That changed me dramatically. I’m blessed and I’m grateful for that.”

“And the next thing is, had I not gone to this tribal council and gotten a chance to defend myself in this way, there are words and things that are being written to me on the internet that almost have me in tears. There are so many people who think the way I handled myself … with no violence, no verbal abuse, but just standing up for myself, and had I not gone to that Tribal Council people would not have seen that side of me and I would not be getting these beautiful things that people are writing to me right now.”

I’m definitely curious if anything has come out of this in terms of your pursuit of stand-up comedy, because I sure hope so.

“Only time will tell. I book dates, I go on tour. The hope that more people start to come out because of this would be amazing, but I’m still doing stand-up the way I always have been. I’m starting to get paid more and make a living and not live on people’s couches, so that’s nice. And when the time is appropriate, I can’t wait to incorporate my experiences on ‘Survivor’ in my act, as I do anything that happens in my life. Only time will tell from there.”

“Survivor” airs Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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