chelsea meissner survivor one world 'Survivor: One World's' Chelsea Meissner: Troyzan voted for Sabrina out of spiteChelsea Meissner finished in third place on “Survivor: One World,” not receiving any votes from the final jury. She tells Zap2it in her exit interview that that didn’t surprise her after the final Tribal Council.

Was “Survivor” everything you hoped or expected it would be?

Oh, man. Honestly, like when I first went out there, I didn’t expect to make it nearly as far as I did. I didn’t expect to have the close bonds with people that I did. I expected the game to be really hard and having to use all my physical and mental strength the whole time. But I think at the end I’ve gained eighteen close, close friends and looking back it was awesome. It was very fun to watch, it brought my family really close together to watch it every week.”

Were you surprised not to get any votes from the jury?

“No, I wasn’t surprised. How the final jury went, I pretty much said I played this game as straightforward as I could and there’s no way I could sit up here and try to persuade you guys that I played a stronger game than Kim. I wasn’t gonna do it. People saw that. She competed her heart out. She won all those Immunities at the very end because with the jury being mostly men, I think they like that someone went out and competed hard. I think that helped her a lot. But no, I’m not surprised.”

Or were you surprised to get to final Tribal Council and realize it was between Kim and Sabrina?

“I was! I had no idea that Sabrina had these relationships with the people that did vote for her. I knew Troy was just livid with Kim and with Kim came me, so I think he just voted for Sabrina for spite. Supposedly they had some great relationship on the show. But I think he did it because he was so pissed at us.”

If Kim had decided to take you out at Final 5 or Final 4, would you have voted for her? Would you still be friends?

“Yes, I would’ve still voted for her and we would still be friends. Everyone said during the game that I was her toughest competition and she needed to take me out, but it was hard for her because of our friendship. I knew that she was playing the best game out of everyone there and that’s what I believed in – whoever played this game the hardest was the most deserving to win. So even if she took me out, she played the best game. So yeah, I would’ve voted for her to win the money.”

Who else are you in touch with outside the game besides Kim?

“Gosh, everybody. Honestly. Kat Alicia, Sabrina I’ve talked to a couple times. Jay, Troy. Troy and I talk almost every day. Jonas. Matt and I did a charity event together. I’ve seen Bill, his comedy stuff. So yeah, just everybody.”

Would you come back to Survivor if asked?

“When I first got back from the show, I said, ‘No way. I would never do that again.’ But I think after sitting back and watching it and remembering all the fun times, I couldn’t turn it down.”

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