christina cha alicia rosa survivor one world 'Survivor: One World's' Christina Cha and Alicia Rosa talk friendship and setting a good exampleChristina Cha and Alicia Rosa took fourth and fifth place, respectively on “Survivor: One World” and while they may have started out pretty rough on the show, in their exit interview with Zap2it, the friendship was palpable.

Congratulations on the all-female Final 5. That was awesome.

Alicia: “I loved that throughout all the hot mess we had in the beginning and even at one point when Troy was trying to waver us from that plan, it just, to me, I just love the message and what came across. If we all stick together and we all just trust each other and work together, we can do something amazing.”

Was “Survivor” everything you hoped it would be?

Christina: “Oh, absolutely. I never expected the turnout, of course. In my perfect world, how I would play it, it would be different. Who I was in the beginning of the game was not how I ended up at the end of the game. So it was interesting.”

Alicia: “Me too. I remember the first two people I met were Kim and Jane and I remember feeling so insecure. I remember almost tearing up because I was like, ‘Oh my god, I have to wear a bikini in front of these people?’ I became insecure about who I was, no makeup, I was used to having my hair done. And I truly meant what I said [on the reunion] – I fell in love with the person on that island who didn’t need all that. I was out there, probably the hairiest girl out there, and I felt so comfortable in my own skin. I truly hope that I was able to represent women of all shapes an sizes. I wasn’t the thinnest girl there. I have curves and I have a booty and I have boobs, you know? I love that I was able to do that for myself.”

Alicia, you got very emotional last night. What has the fallout been for you about the special needs comment?

Alicia: “It definitely did not sit well with a lot of viewers. However, my school that I teach at – they know me. They have been completely supportive throughout this whole experience. They realize this is a TV show and I said what I said, but it’s not a reflection of who I am at school by any means. I’m just glad I have a great principal who truly appreciates the work I do at school.

Colton and I, I think we really truly wanted to play up this role – let’s do something, let’s be this bad girl we aren’t in real life. And then I crossed the line, at the expense of Christina and that’s not OK. At the time, I thought it was funny, but watching it back, I wanted to crawl up in a ball and hide. I was so embarrassed. I could not believe that it sounded that way. And it was not OK.

For Christina, was it hard to watch? Because Alicia was not the only person saying mean things about you.

Christina: “I was actually quite shocked about a lot of things other people said about me. I talked to all the other cast and they were just saying – it’s just a game, we really don’t feel this way about it. But it’s like, really? What made you feel this way? And they were like – because you’re so confident with yourself and so happy. And Colton said some people are threatened by you.

Alicia: “I think Christina’s pretty outspoken … she’s very outgoing. I think that rubbed people the wrong way and it’s interesting to see that they only showed us upset with each other, but like what was the issue? I’m curious to see what other people thought because they don’t show that. But I think Christina can come off very strong and confident.”

Christina: “I think that’s the part that irritated both Alicia and I is that we set aside our differences, but a lot wasn’t shown. We made a pact and started to respect each other and started to work together. And that’s the part that I was a little bit disappointed about watching the whole entire show [because it wasn’t shown]. But seeing us at the Final 5, I’m very proud of who was sitting there – Alicia, Sabrina, Chelsea and Kim.

Alicia, we have to say – hats off to you during your exit interview that they show at the end of the episode when you get voted out. You were so gracious and classy – we were expecting you to be so mad.

Alicia: “You know what, it’s funny because every time I meet somebody I’m like ‘I’m really not a b****. I really truly am not a sore loser.’ [laughs] When I got voted off, I was cracking up during that whole entire thing. Who would’ve thought this Puerto Rican mommy came in here and ruffled some feathers and at day 37 they realized I had a real shot at a million dollars. And hats off to Kim, because you played me. I respect that. I really didn’t think they thought I was a threat. But I was talking to Jeff Probst and even said, ‘Your name came up a lot, those girls knew you had Christina and Tarzan.’ I thought I was under the radar.

I did say Christina you suck, so I’m sorry, Christina.”

Christina: “That’s OK! The problem is I’m too nice … I was trying to set an example for other people. I truly wanted to play the game honest and true, without lying. And it’s really hard to do that. It comes out as what are you, a pushover? What are you, an idiot? And I guess that’s how I was kind of shown. But I think how I played the game really made an impact on Colton.”

Alicia also let us know she has a song coming out on iTunes Wednesday, May 16 called Free” – “It’s a reflection of who I am and my experience on the island and how I was perceived. Anybody can relate to it. It’s Miley Cyrus ‘The Climb’ meets Alicia from the Bronx [laughs].”

We might have to check that out.

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