jay byars survivor one world 'Survivor: One World's' Jay Byars 'knew those girls were going to turn on [him]'Jay Byars was the latest eliminated castaway from “Survivor: One World.” He tells Zap2it that he figured the girls would turn on him at some point – but not as soon as they did.

Are you glad you did “Survivor”? Was it everything you expected?

“I think it was completely more than I expected. I think it was a freaking awesome experience. I’m super excited and stoked that i even had the privilege to be part of it.”

Were you completely blindsided last night? Did you even have an inkling of what was coming?

“I knew those girls were going to turn on me sometime. I did not think, obviously, it was going to be that soon. So, I mean, unfortunately it was too little, too late right before Tribal. Everything hit the fan right before we were getting ready to go, but nothing could be done at that point.”

What made you trust Kim so completely?

“I think it was a decision made early on in the game. I was so happy to be off of Manono because I felt like I couldn’t trust those guys. I put my trust in Kim and Chelsea to go as far as possible with them.”

Did you know how much Kim was running the show?

“I didn’t expect that as much as I saw on TV last night. I knew she was up there with Chelsea, but I would’ve put Sabrina right up there with her. I felt like that everything got crazy right before Tribal and I just felt the way my name came up during Tribal everybody just swung their votes to me when they picked up that Troy might be playing the Idol.”

So you think people weren’t going to vote fro you until they got to Tribal?

“I don’t think as many were. It was looking like Kim was gonna have just as many votes as I was. Somewhere along the way people changed their minds.”

Who were you rooting to get to the end?

“I could’ve definitely seen myself sitting there at the end with Chelsea, possibly Troy, possibly Kim. I figured it would be really close, the final four or five. I wanted people there who deserved to be there, who had played hard and not coat-tailed or played a slap game. I definitely wanted a strong presence player to be there.”

“Survivor” airs Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT

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