jonas survivor one world 'Survivor: One World's' Jonas Otsuji: Tarzan is 'actually crazier than he came across on TV'Jonas Otsuji was the first person eliminated from “Survivor: One World” after the merge, making him the first member of the jury. He tells Zap2it how much he enjoyed his experience and that Tarzan is even crazier in person than we saw on TV.

Are you glad you did “Survivor”? Was it everything you hoped or expected it would be?

“Absolutely. It was ten times more than I expected it to be. It changed me in a lot more ways than I thought it would. I used to think I need to make five grand a month. After being on the show I realize if it really came down to it you can survive with spear fishing equipment and a machete. After being on the show I realize that I didn’t spend one penny for a long time. The whole issue of money is a made up want and not a necessity.”

Were you surprised to be the target from the former Salani members? We were a little surprised it was you.

“I was but I wasn’t, because Troy and Jay were down in numbers so it didn’t surprise me that they jumped ship to the women. I already knew that Mike was with the women so that wasn’t a big surprise.”

Is Tarzan as crazy as he comes across on TV? He just seems very off-the-wall.

“What you saw on TV was the mild crazy version of Tarzan. He is actually crazier than he came across on TV.”

Once you were eliminated, was there anyone you were rooting for? Hoping to see make it all the way?

“Yeah. I would like to see Troy make it all the way because he has the most heart and he has applied like 13 times.”

How did you feel about Colton? Was he different in person than how he came across on TV?

“I think Colton deep down inside is a good guy and a very sensitive guy. I just think that because he was on TV he felt the need to go over the top.”

“Survivor” airs Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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