leif manson survivor 'Survivor: One World's' Leif Manson: The women 'set a lot of bait for us and we bought it hook, line and sinker'Leif Manson was voted off “Survivor: One World” Wednesday (April 18), leaving just two men to face the all-girl alliance that seems to be in complete control of the game. He tells Zap2it that those women are tricky.

Are you glad you did “Survivor”? Was it everything you hoped it would be?

“Yeah. I mean, it was everything and then some. I’ve been so thankful and grateful to know that I, in a sense, won a million dollars just ’cause of how many people apply for the show. Hundreds of thousands of people apply for the show, and I was picked to be on ‘Survivor.’ Definitely makes me feel good.”

Last night, we saw that Tarzan voted for you. How come you voted for Kim? Did you ever have a thought to vote for Tarzan, which would have tied the votes between you?

“I know I was back and forth. I’d been back and forth so many times between Kim and Tarzan. I know a part of me felt that it was either for sure Tarzan or myself, but also that I know Troy and I were really trying hard to just try and change something, change things up, and to really get a different play on the game. Trying to pull a blindside on Kim. But it was definitely hard. I could not vote for Tarzan. He’s like a father, in my eyes. But at the same time, you’ve gotta really take your heat out of the game and really focus on it.

So were you surprised that Tarzan voted you out?

“I was. I thought he was going to vote for Kim, but yeah. That was surprising. That hurt. That hurt a lot. But you get over it.” 

Were you surprised at how Troyzan started acting after Jay was voted out?

“Not really. Everybody was just really, he was for sure the next to go, without a doubt. I think everybody there except myself wanted him out. So I don’t see why he didn’t act thee way he did, I don’t blame him at all. He had pretty much everybody against him. He definitely a lot of strength from that. I hope he goes all the way.”

That was actually my next question. When you were voted out, who were you hoping to see go all the way?

“Definitely Troy. Him and I had always had an alliance throughout the whole game. I know things definitely would get a little complicated here and there, but those girls are tricky. They definitely set a lot of bait for us and we bought it hook, line and sinker.”

Who did you see as the biggest threat to win at that point?

Definitely between quite a few people. I mean, definitely Chelsea, Kim, those are the main two. It’s really anybody’s game. Kat was definitely playing a strategic game of just staying under the radar like myself. It’ll get you further than what you expect.

“Survivor: One World” airs Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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