matt survivor one world 'Survivor: One World's' Matt Quinlan: Colton 'wanted someone to woo him and that started to change things'Matt Quinlan was the first casualty from the mens’ tribe on “Survivor: One World.” He tells Zap2it that he wasn’t blindsided, and while he was disappointed to go home, he’s really glad he did “Survivor.”

Are you glad you did “Survivor”? Was it everything you hoped or expected it to be?

“Yeah, for sure. I’m very fortunate to have done it. It was what I thought it was. The outcome was not what I hoped for, or what I anticipated for me personally, of coruse, but I’m so happy that I did it. What an unbelievable experience, so I had no regrets.”

How did you feel about the twists?

“The same beach didn’t both me, but the gender divide really did. It really changed everything for my position. It made me very expendable from the very first day. I was preparing mentally to play the game mixed-gender so that when we competed, my tribe valued me as an asset to the team. So when we went to men vs. women, I think they realized pretty quickly that in order for the challenges to be fair, they wouldn’t be physical challenges. They would be about balance and puzzle-making. Those are things that you can compete on regardless of how athletic you are. So it gave every single guy on the tribe the feeling that we don’t need Matt the way that we normally would. I was viewed as a threat and that made me vulnerable from day one.”

Did you realize your alliance of four needed more people to have the numbers?

“Of course. When we first got there, everyone was a little hesitant to commit. It didn’t happy fast, it was more of a feel-it-out situation. On day one, Leif told me I was being roundtabled as the first out, so I knew I had to protect myself. I thought the best thing I could do was sell fear to the other guys who might be viewed the way I was – Mike and Jay and Bill. Me forming a relationship with people who would buy into the argument that we’re all really vulnerable and they’re coming for us.

In the beginning of the game, I felt like I had my four, I had Colton, I might even have Leif. But when Colton got the Idol, he broke away. He wanted to be courted, he wanted someone to woo him and that started to change things. I think by day five, the misfit alliance had come together and in that moment, I was in the minority. And when I realized that, I tried to realign to get the numbers back to me.”

Were you surprised to be voted off?

“I wasn’t blindsided. When I went to Tribal, I knew it was either going to be my plan to get out Colton, with Mike, Jay, Troy and Jonas, or I was probably going home. So I went to Tribal optimistic. I had made some agreements with Troy and Jonas and Mike and Jay that I believed and that I was hopeful would come together. But once we got to Tribal, it became obvious to me that it wasn’t going to happen. It seemed obvious to me that they were ready to pull the plug on me.”

“Survivor” airs Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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