sabrina thompson survivor one world 'Survivor: One World's' Sabrina Thompson thought she either 'won by one vote' or 'lost by one vote'
Sabrina Thompson was the “Survivor: One World” runner-up by a vote of 7 to 2. She tells Zap2it how proud she is to be a part of the first all-female Final 5 and that if she hadn’t been in the finals, Kim Spradlin would’ve had her vote.

Are you glad you did “Survivor”? Was it everything you hoped it would be?

It really was everything I expected it would be times 10. A lot of people don’t know, I was thrust into this game. I had three and a half weeks to prepare for it … I really surprised myself as far as handling the different personalities and being able to contain my extrovert personality. I can be very aggressive in my personality and I know as an African-American woman, I have to tone it down because of stereotypes that we often get as loud and aggressive and that’s not what I’m all about at all. I knew I was representing a lot of people on this TV show, so it was about a lot more than winning a million dollars.”

How proud are you to be in the first all-female final five?

“Isn’t that kick a**? I’m so excited about that. We started off horrible and a lot of people were doubting us and we ended up sticking together and honoring our goals from the very beginning. It just goes to show you women are the gate-keepers of society … hopefully we were role models to young women around the country. I’ve been getting messages all day – I’m going to go out and do this, I’m going to pursue this – and that was so much more rewarding than I ever imagined.”

When did you decide your strategy would be to lay low around camp and not do very well in challenges?

“At the beginning, I was picked to be the quote-unquote leader of the tribe when we were just a mess. But when we had the tribe swap just before the merge, it was a co-ed team then and I started seeing that the women see me in a certain light and the men already knew I was a leader over at Salani. So I thought let me just kind of tone it down here. The merge is happening sooner rather than later, so I need to lay low or a target is going to be on my back. For me it was about mastering the middle, and I thought I did that very well … when it came down to it, the jury wasn’t bitter. If the jury had been bitter, I might have won. But I’m happy for Kim, she deserved it. She’s an historic, all-star Survivor.”

Were you surprised by how many votes you got, either because you expected more or because you expected less?

“I actually was. I really thought it would come to 5-4. I thought either I won by one vote or I lost by one vote. You’re sitting here months after the game counting votes. Kim and I would be on the phone, ‘Are you sleeping? I’m not sleeping.’ We both thought it would be a little bit closer. I’m truly happy for her, though. If I had to lose to anyone and it’s that girl, I can’t be mad at all. They respected her gameplay. She totally beefed it out on all the challenges. She’s deserving of the win.”

If you hadn’t been in the Top 3, which of the last four women would have gotten your vote to win it all?

“Definitely Kim. She has that amazing ability, she pretty much duped everyone, especially all the girls. I knew going into the last Tribal Council none of the girls were going to vote for me, so I was more or less talking towards the men. She has this amazing ability to play the game. She’s very calm, she doesn’t have a flippant personality. If she would’ve been abrasive, I think people would’ve taken to her differently. But she’s just a smooth young lady and I think they respected that.”

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