carter williams voted out survivor philippines 'Survivor: Philippines': Carter Williams compares villain Abi to 'a puppy dog with sharp teeth'Carter Williams, the latest contestant voted out of “Survivor: Philippines,” is happy he survived the game — and obnoxious castmate Abi.

“You’d think after all this time, I’d be over it,” he told Zap2it this morning (Dec. 6). “But no. What a crazy game — if you can call it a game.”

We also learned something about Carter: He’s kind of hilarious.

“I don’t anyone’s over that game. I think even Zane [voted out first] is wondering how he could’ve been in the final. I think he had his final speech all ready to go.”

“I can’t imagine what Abi‘s going through,” he says about Season 25’s breakout villain. “That little monster. She’s kind of like a puppy dog with sharp teeth: She looks cute, and you think you want to be friends with her — but she doesn’t realize that she’s got sharp teeth and she can hurt you.”

“It’s unfortunate, because she’s really been a bully out there to Lisa [Whelchel] — and have you seen Lisa? She hasn’t done anything to deserve that at all.”

Abi wasn’t all mean, all the time though. “I think Abi bonded better with the young males. Me, Peter and Malcolm. I wouldn’t say we understood her better, but I think she handled us better. Its seems like she has a problem with authority.”

Carter, on the other hand bonded with the elder statesmen of the game.

“I loved Penner and I loved Skupin — both in different ways. Skupin and I became really close and they showed it at last Tribal Council — him saying, ‘This kid’s like a son to me.’ I really hope that was the truth, [that] it wasn’t just him flattering me before he sent me home.”

Carter’s description of Penner is unique to say the least.

“Penner grows on you like some kind of weird fungus that you love. I know that’s the weirdest way to say it ever, but like me, so many other people have said we didn’t know what to think of Penner at first but it turns out we love the guy. We had so many laughs out there.”

And tears, as well.
“I cried when they showed him hugging me at the end of the game when he went home. I felt like that hug represented 30 days of going through highs and lows together. I wish we could’ve done more havoc in the game, but we fell short.”

Abi wasn’t wreaking as much havoc as she thought, Carter reveals, calling her assertion that she found another Hidden Immunity Idol “ridiculous.”
“We talked about how ridiculous of a statement that was. I didn’t believe her. It was really fishy.

“We were saying, ‘How could they give her an Immunity Idol and that lead in the challenge. It wouldn’t make sense. They would basically be giving her a spot in the final five at seven. I don’t think anyone believed her.”

As for cultural differences explaining her behavior, Carter believes “there’s gotta be some truth to it. I was raised in the Midwest, and I would say there’s a difference in how I was raised as opposed to someone like Pete or R.C.

“I don’t think that should be an excuse for her — you would think that just because you’re from a different country you would know you can’t just bash people all the time. Maybe that’s cultural, I don’t know. But that could also be like New Jersey.”

Carter is proud of the way he played the game. “As disappointed as I am that I wasn’t shown more, I enjoyed seeing myself with my head held high

“I wish I could have had a little more fist-swinging, [but] people saying, ‘We really like this guy, he’s good at challenges, he’s good around the camp’ — it’s not a bad way to go.”

Only two more episodes of “Survivor: Philippines” remain: its last regular time slot next Wednesday, December 12, and the finale special on Sunday, Dec. 16. Who do you think will win the million-dollar prize?

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