jeff kent exit survivor 'Survivor: Philippines': Jeff Kent 'still reeling' and 'bitter'“Survivor: Philippines” saw one of the reality show’s most shocking and spirited Tribal Councils Wednesday (Nov. 7), concluding with an angry (and sort of hilarious) rant by eliminee Jeff Kent.

And the retired pro baseball star is still fuming, as Zap2it discovered when he chatted with him this morning.

How are you feeling now?
It turns you into a bitter person for a few days. I’m still reeling from this — even though I knew it happened because I lived it. I’m still pissed off watching it.

How worried were you going into Tribal Council?
I was worried. We [were still strategizing] 15 minutes before we had to leave for Tribal Council…. We were just gonna go with the flow, and the flow was Skupin. Lisa started to play the game a little bit, and we were all shocked. What in the heck? While everyone was emptying their dirty laundry, we were all still making plans while we’re there talking to Jeff. I was getting nervous — I did not want to go home, [as you can see] in my rant at the end. I was mad.

Before getting voted out, what shocked you most about Tribal Council?
First I was shocked that Pete wasn’t playing a very smart game. It still blows me away that Pete wasn’t smarter about the position that he had put himself in and cost him the opportunity he had. The second shocker was seeing the vote for Abi from Penner. That came from left field. I had no idea where this came from. And still to this day I have no real reason why he did that — it’s just confusing.

What do you think of Penner’s game?
Even though the show portrays me as wanting Penner out, I respected Penner and that’s why I was so focused on him. I wanted to deflect the attention away from me and put it on Penner. I respected Penner’s game so much, I felt like if I could stay one step ahead of the best guy out there, that would put me in a position to possibly win this game. I was with Penner, I was feeding him information all along — we had a quality alliance, but I didn’t want Penner to beat me. And at the end Penner through a loop, and I don’t know if he was doing that against me or not.

Did anything surprise you about Penner?
He started to get pretty aggressive at the end, and I think that’s because he knew his time was coming. He knew everyone was against him and they weren’t listening to his strategy. So he started to get frustrated and he started to alienate himself from everybody else, in an aggressive way, verbally and socially. That shocked me because he was so great through the whole game.

Of all the people we saw at your last Tribal Council, who’s the dumbest?
Golly — who was wearing yellow? When we merged and got to see all those yellow Tandang tribe [members, the rest of us were asking], “Are these guys really that stupid? Are they even trying to play this game? What’s going on?” And then all of a sudden you finally see Lisa play a little bit. Pete’s so stupid he believed Malcolm when he said he didn’t have the Idol. Are you kidding me? And Artis and Skupin — who we nicknamed “Stupin” — that should tell you who the smartest people were, and it sure wasn’t the guys wearing yellow.

Did you recognize Lisa?
I didn’t. I had a sixth sense she was somebody when I was talking with her, but I didn’t think beyond that. And now that I found out after the game was over, I went, Gosh dangit, no duh. I watched “The Facts of Life”!

Would you give “Survivor” another shot?
I’m a competitor. I love to compete, and I lost. And I lost and I’m still ticked off about it. If I had a chance to redeem myself, I’d probably take it.

“Survivor” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on CBS.

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