jeff kent survivor philippines 'Survivor: Philippines': Jeff Kent targets Penner and his IdolLast week on “Survivor: Philippines,” Kalabaw went down another member, while Tandang continues to get along surprisingly poorly considering how much they’ve won.

The Merge

Michael tempts fate by commenting that if he makes it three more hours, he’ll have surpassed last time when he fell in the fire. And then he promptly gets eaten by a shark.

No, he doesn’t. It’s merge time. And Denise is pumped because she’s pretty sure she can get back with Malcolm. I think she’s probably right — they haven’t been separated for that long and he knows how loyal and smart she is.

Does anyone else think if Michael and RC are smart, they’ll go with the Kalabaws? Can they read their tribe well enough to figure that out? It seems like Michael has figured that out, but RC … not so sure about.

The Idol Kerfuffle

Mom Lisa starts hanging up clothes for people to dry them out and she finds Malcolm’s Idol in his bag. Malcolm sees what she’s been doing and goes to talk to her. It’s good he’s not flying off the handle because she really was just trying be nice. So he brings her into the fold with him and Denise, which would actually be a pretty smart alliance for him. He says he can’t beat them, but he’s a good-looking, likable and nice competitor who will undoubtedly win some individual immunity. He’ll have a great argument. At the very least, Lisa is no threat to him. Denise is a way bigger threat in final three. But that’s getting a little ahead of everything.

Penner and Lisa chat about how the young ‘uns don’t know who Lisa is, which is hilarious. Penner also works on Skupin to see if he can bring him into the Kalabaw fold, which shouldn’t be that hard.

Skupin isn’t sure he can trust the Kalabaws, but he talks to RC about going with them. However, Jeff Kent is talking with the Tandang newbies about now letting a veteran win. But Penner’s got the Idol and Jeff knows that.

Immunity Challenge

It’s endurance, excellent. You have to hold up 25% of your body weight by grasping a spool that suspends a bucket with the weight inside. Last man and last woman standing win immunity. Interesting that they split it men/women while still accounting for body weight.

They start dropping pretty quickly — Skupin, Pete, Penner, Lisa, Malcolm. At this point, Denise and Jeff look cool as cucumbers, but nobody else does. Next batch dropping are RC and Abi, so Denise wins. Good for her. Then Artis and Jeff drop and Carter wins. Jeff let Carter have it, though.

At this point, the plan from the Tandang bloc is to split votes between Penner and RC. Hmm.

Pre Tribal

RC and Michael have gone with the Kalabaws, putting them in the majority. If Jeff Kent doesn’t go with Tandang, that is. Skupin makes an appeal to Jeff about not wanting to play the game with the jerks from Tandang, namely Pete, Abi and Artis.

Jeff seems to be on board, but he’s telling Tandang he’s on board to vote out Penner. If I were him, I’d worry about Penner and Skupin later and get rid of the sketchy guys. Pete and Abi are way less trustworthy than Penner and Skupin, in my opinion.

Tribal Council

It finally comes out that neither Abi nor RC unearthed the Idol clue, but they’re both too stupid to figure out it had to be someone else. It’s interesting to hear everybody’s theories about who is poachable from the two tribes, or the fact that Denise and Malcolm are still tight.

During the vote, we see a ton of votes —  Abi for Penner, RC votes Pete, Artis votes RC, Penner for Pete and Pete for RC. Penner plays his Idol, which is probably a good call on his part, even though I suspect he didn’t have the majority of votes.

The votes go Penner, Penner, Penner, RC, Pete, Penner, Penner, RC, Pete, RC and RC, so RC is gone. Huh. So the Kalabaws didn’t stick with Skupin and RC to vote out Pete. That seems like a mistake.

Next week: Penner’s out for blood

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