malcolm freberg survivor philippines finale 'Survivor: Philippines': Malcolm Freberg is not a good guy ... and more secrets from the fourth place finisherMalcolm Freberg didn’t win “Survivor: Philippines” or even Player of the Season (although it was close), but he earned a spot as one of the game’s most popular players.

Of course, he’d rather be remembered as the winner — or at least known for his razor-sharp wit, as he told Zap2it after reliving his defeat on Sunday’s finale.

Were you flattered to be compared to Ozzy?
I know he’s a popular guy, so that’s cool, but I always thought of myself as a much more strategic player than Ozzy. I want to be known as the strategic guy. The comparison is great — but really?

Who has better hair?
Me. That’s not even a question.

Are you happy with your good-guy edit?
There’s no way I can be upset about the way I’ve been portrayed on TV, but I actually am upset, because I said so many snarky things, great little one-liners — they didn’t show any of the mean stuff I said about people. Going into it, I kind of saw myself in my head like maybe coming off more Tyson-ish. I did every other confessional answer in Abi-Maria impersonations.

Was Abi as awful as she seemed?
I can tolerate Abi more than the older folks, but she’s as intolerable as they make her look on TV. Denise would try to fix her and you can’t fix crazy. It’s because I wasn’t being a good person and trying to help her through this phase of her life that I got along with her better.

How surprised were you that Abi voted for Denise?
That was shocking. Abi fought all three of them, so she didn’t have much of a choice. You have to give her some credit — that idol thing, we all mocked her for it because she was horrible at selling it. But in a weird way, if she was a better actress, that could’ve been awesome. [Her vote] almost shows maturity on Abi’s part.

Were you surprised that the players polled by Jeff at the reunion show said wouldn’t have voted for you in the finals?
No, because they would have. Pete and Carter planned it backstage beforehand to throw Probst off. We knew this question was going to come up — the hypothetical. Pete and Carter said, “Hey, when Probst asks that question, we’re not going to raise our hands. And then Penner was walking by, [and said], “Ooh, I like that! I’m in.” It was hilarious.

Do you give any credence to Skupin’s insistence that he only lost because a resentful jury colluded against him?
Richard Hatch said you have to know who you are to play the game. There was no way that Skupin knew how he was perceived. [Even though he and Lisa were strategizing during the game], we didn’t know that. We just saw a bumbling Skupin who might as well have been wearing a hat with bells on it, and Lisa who was crying every other day. They’re making a TV show [so] they had to make it look like it was going to be close. It was never going to be close. That’s the reason I was trying to make a deal with them, because they were just goats.

Did Penner’s outing of Lisa as a child actress sway the jury’s vote at all?
I’ve never heard of “Facts of Life.” I know Penner explained it very well but we weren’t really listening. I was thinking it was some [failed] pilot. We had no idea of the scale of her stardom until we got back. Penner outing her didn’t affect the vote at all.

Did you regret rewarding Lisa in the loved-ones challenge after you saw her plotting against you?
I absolutely regretted it, before her brother even left. Lisa and her brother were gone the entire time. [At first I thought] He’s a pastor — how is this the guy who is going to tell you how to backstab somebody! There is no way that he’s going to be the one who’s going to spin you into getting rid of me. That wasn’t even on my radar, and I was absolutely shocked to see it.

Have you received any marriage proposals since Jeff clarified your single status on the finale?

Only from elementary school girls. I’m very popular with the preteen crowd.

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