survivor one world 'Survivor' recap: A Bunch of IdiotsThe men are worried that leaving Bill in the game could come back to bite them in the collective ass, because they think he might be able to split their “misfit alliance.” Meanwhile, the women are eating snails, and they turn down Jonas’s offer to use their fishing net and give them half of the haul.

Reward challenge offers a choice of three prizes: Comfort (pillows, blankets and a mattress), Protection (tarp), or Luxury (donuts and coffee). The challenge involves using a slingshot to fling coconuts at a giant grid of wooden panels. The winners must knock out five squares in a row or column. The women make quick work of it, disproving Coach’s theory last season that women can’t handle this slingshot. The women take the tarp, even though they really want the donuts and coffee, so at least they’re not being complete idiots, yet.

Leif accidentally tells Bill that they nearly voted him out at the last Tribal Council. Mike rats him out to Colton, who pulls Leif aside and tells him that it was a dumb move, and Leif has sealed his fate. Of course, Colton can’t go against Leif without calling a number of derogatory names related to Leif’s stature, because Colton is a garbage person.

When the women get the invitation for the next challenge, it’s a puzzle, so they figure that the challenge will be a puzzle as well, and they’ll be paired. Kat immediately admits that she’s terrible at puzzles so she needs to be paired with someone awesome, and not Alicia. Alicia takes offense to that, and thinks Kat is calling her stupid, and of course starts a fight with her minutes before they go to the challenge. Sabrina tries to quash it.

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