jeff probst survivor nicaragua 320 'Survivor' recap: All That GlittersOn “Survivor”: Things settle down a bit at La Flor, although Naonka continues her reign as the least likable person in reality show history and is very much in the running for least likable person ever.

Her hatred of Kelly B.’s fake leg continues unabated, culminating in a physical wrestling match between Naonka and Kelly B. for another hidden idol clue. Naonka winds up with it, but it doesn’t do her any good, because she’s dumb and can’t figure it out, anyway.

Nor does she need it tonight, as Espada loses another challenge under Jimmy Johnson’s leadership. Marty and Jimmy T. try to use this as an excuse to rally the others into voting Jimmy Johnson off. Actually, it’s Jill who does all of this stuff, but she’s very much behind the scenes and happy to let Marty believe it’s all him. She even convinces him to reveal the idol to the tribe, saying it’ll be good for morale for people to believe they can trust that Marty will do the right thing by them. He does, and they do, following him by voting for Jimmy Johnson over Dan.

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