natalie grant cbs survivor 'Survivor' recap: Ash WednesdayAndrea heads to Redemption Island, where Ralph gleefully treats her as poorly as her tribe treated his during the game. She has to sleep on the ground and gets in a fight with Matt, who is not very understanding of why she turned on him, but she still manages to finish in the top three of the Redemption Island quadruel, as Ralph’s inability to spell proves to be his undoing. Back in the real game, Rob has decided that Ashley will be the next to go and works on the rest of the tribe to make them agree.

They do, so of course Ashley wins the immunity challenge and ruins everything. She also gets to pick one person to enjoy a food reward and gives it to Natalie, thus bringing them even closer together and further upsetting Rob, whose god complex reaches new heights every episode. Since Ashley can’t be voted for, Rob has to choose between Grant, who is his closest ally but a challenge threat, and Natalie, who he was determined to bring to the Final Three but has a worrisome bond with the enemy, Ashley. In the end, he and the rest of the tribe send Grant to Redemption Island, leaving Natalie with her best friend Ashley, who finally decided to start playing this game.

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