survivor one world 'Survivor' recap: Balancing ActAlicia and Christina make up after their fight at the last Tribal Council, but Alicia’s interviews reveal that she was being less than sincere. The women elect Sabrina to be their leader and try to divvy up the tasks, but they can’t even do that without arguing. There’s a split between the younger women (Kim, Kat, Alicia, Chelsea and Sabrina) and the older women (Monica, Christina and Nina).

There is a DIY reward challenge (meaning that Probst isn’t around and they do the challenge on their own). They have to take a giant rope out of a box and each tribe has to try to untie a bunch of ropes from a ring as a team. The winners get a tarp, and they also get to keep the ropes and the box that the ropes came in. The men sit out Mike to even things up. It’s close, but the men win.

The men take their riches back to their camp and start setting everything up while Colton does nothing. He wanders over to the women’s camp and “helps” them out (but not really) until they kick him out. I don’t think he understands how this game works. He begs the women to let him hang out and promises he won’t undermine them, but finally they have to flat-out explain to him how the game works, and that it would be stupid if they let him hang out and hear all their strategies when he’s on the other tribe.

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