jeff probst survivor nicaragua 320 'Survivor' recap: Blindsides are Fun! And Exciting!After Tribal Council, Alicia realizes that the jury members think Christina is dumb, but that Sabrina could potentially sway them.

The Reward Challenge involves family members, who are there on the island. You guys, I actually got choked up when Tarzan’s wife came out. She loves that old coot. The challenge is the old “hooked to a rope by a carabineer and then do an obstacle course while untangling the rope.” Their loved ones are running it with them, and the winner gets to have a private feast with the loved one. Kat and her cousin with the way-too-close relationship win. Kat chooses Kim and Alicia to go with her. Holy ****, I can’t believe that she didn’t pick Tarzan. Kat then gives the rationale that she wanted to get drunk with her friends. So that goes over well. Everyone else agrees that Tarzan and Christina should have been chosen – did I mention Christina’s dad just had a kidney transplant and only has five to ten years to live?

While on the Reward, Alicia and Kat assume that they are going to final three with Kim. Meanwhile, Kim tells her sister that she probably will take these two, because she thinks she can beat them, but she doesn’t plan to vote out Sabrina first. Meanwhile, the people not on the Reward Challenge all agree that Kat should go next. Some think so because they’re mad at her about the Reward, while others (like Chelsea) are worried that Kat might get jury votes from the guys, given Troy’s support for her.

Immunity Challenge: hold a skiing tow rope behind your back while leaning forward over water. Every so often, Probst lets out more rope so that the contestants are leaning further and further forward. Sabrina is the first one out, which might be her death warrant. Tarzan is next, and then the rest of the women go until it’s just Kat and Kim left. Kat whines about how Kim wins everything and she just wants to win one, and then she falls and Kim wins.

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