sophie clarke survivor 'Survivor' recap: Boys Rule, Girls DroolSophie won! She explains that she tried to play within the framework of the game, and laid back and waited to see what motivated others before acting. Probst asks her if she’s learned from how other people viewed her, as selfish and bratty, and Sophie says that she’s always been confident but now she’s trying to be more like Dawn. Nothing against Dawn, but gross.

Then they move on to Coach, who says that he learned a lot from his last season, and tried to be more likable. Coach admits that his praying might have seemed over the top, but says it grounded him. Probst does his favorite straw poll thing and discovers that if Coach had taken Albert and Rick, he would’ve won it.

Ozzy says that he keeps playing because he loves nature and communing with nature and nature is his God. Also, nature. Ozzy gives props to Sophie for being smart and physically powerful. But Probst can’t let Sophie get the credit so he basically fellates Ozzy about how awesome he is, and then Ozzy talks for like twenty minutes about how great he is. It’s so gross.

And hey, why talk more to Sophie, the winner? Let’s talk to useless ol’ Cochran. He admits that his experience in watching the show did not help him at all and only made him defensive, which was detrimental. And he’s single, ladies!

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