jeff probst survivor nicaragua 320 'Survivor' recap: Coach is a Young GirlOn Redemption Island, Brandon tells Ozzy the circumstances surrounding his ouster. Brandon doesn’t hold it against his former tribe; Ozzy thinks he’s an idiot. Meanwhile back at camp, Coach gets all fired up about Albert lying to him and in front of the jury.

Redemption Island duel, Ozzy vs. Brandon, is an endurance challenge where they have to hang onto a pole. Like climb a pole like a monkey and then just hang there with a tiny foothold. They’re both super intense and there’s a ton of muscle cramping, but ultimately Ozzy wins and goes back into the game and Brandon heads to the jury.

Once Ozzy rejoins the tribe, Coach claims he wants to take Ozzy to the finals and claims he will even give him an immunity necklace is he thinks Ozzy is in jeopardy. Coach thinks he’s got it wrapped up because he has deals with pretty much every person left.

Immunity Challenge: Hold a handle that makes a board level, and then build a card house on that board to a certain height. So they have to build one-handed and not let the board wobble or their house comes tumbling down. Sophie has a great structure but she runs out of pieces about halfway up. Ozzy gets nearly to the top and runs out of pieces so he has to pretty much start over. Sophie knocks her pieces over and some fall on the ground, so she can’t pick them up. She tries to convince Albert to drop his stack and pick up her lost pieces but he refuses, and then Probst tells them that they can’t help one another. Way to make up rules on the fly, Probst. They’re obviously all focused on making sure Ozzy doesn’t win immunity. And then Ozzy wins immunity. Oops.

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