jeff probst survivor nicaragua 320 'Survivor' recap: Edna Makes Her MoveEdna throws a **** fit because Brandon revealed at Tribal that she’s next on the chopping block. Because throwing a tantrum will definitely convince the others to change their minds and keep you around. Her tantrum is interrupted by video messages from family members.

The duel is actually exciting! Cochran and Ozzy have to use a grappling hook to retrieve bags and then put a ball through a labyrinthine maze. Ozzy gets his bags first but keeps failing at the maze, which allows Cochran to catch up. And they are seriously neck and neck the whole time, and Cochran comes within inches of winning! But he loses. But he wins the respect of a lot of people, because it was very, very, very close.

All of the loved ones are brought in, and Ozzy gets to decide who gets to spend time with loved one. He chooses Albert, Coach, and Brandon, and they all head to Redemption Island with their loved ones. While they’re there, Coach takes the opportunity to make an alliance for the finals with Ozzy. Interesting. Brandon’s dad tells him to stop smoking crack and start playing the game. Then he talks to Coach and asks who he’s taking to the finals. Coach doesn’t really answer, and Brandon’s dad says that he’s going to tell Brandon to do whatever Coach says.

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