survivor david stephanie 'Survivor' recap: Former Federal Stepchild?Tempers flare on both tribes this week, as Phillip blows up on Ashley and Natalie for being lazy around camp and nasty to him, and Sarita’s alliance turns against her for having a toothache. They’re led by David, who is still smarting over Sarita’s accusation that he freaks out under pressure last week, and who makes it his mission to have Sarita voted out before Stephanie.

Stephanie, meanwhile, does something she should have done 14 days ago when this game began: she puts on a happy face and tries to make nice with her tribemates. When Zapato lose the immunity challenge, it’s time to see if Stephanie’s fake kindness is too little, too late. While David sticks up for her at Tribal, saying they need strong players in their tribe now that the teams are even, and Stephanie sticks up for herself by basically being Stephanie and telling everyone how much Sarita sucks, the majority of the tribe value Sarita’s loyalty over Stephanie’s marginally better challenge performances, and Stephanie is sent to be the next to face off against Matt, who is now powered by Krista’s hot pink Bible.

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