jeff probst survivor nicaragua 320 'Survivor' recap: Go To RocksRemember when Ozzy voluntarily got eliminated and sent to Redemption Island and gave Cochran of all people the Immunity Idol? So that happened. So Ozzy goes to Redemption Island and lies to Christine that Cochran blindsided him with the Immunity Idol and he got voted out. So that’s step one in his plan. Now he needs to beat her at the Duel and then give the other tribe false information headed into the merge (that he and Cochran are at odds). So when the Duel comes, it’s the one where you had to build a pole and then use it to retrieve three keys, Brady Bunch style. Ozzy struggles a bit at first but then dominates the Challenge and sends Christine home.

Immediately following the Duel, Ozzy rejoins his tribe and they merge. That seems a little convenient, no? So the first day of the merge, Cochran goes to Coach and tries to pretend like he sent Ozzy out. Coach somehow knows THE ENTIRE PLOY. Someone must have told him because he lays out exactly what they did, point by point, right down to Cochran having an Idol in his pocket. So Cochran realizes the plan isn’t going to work, and jumps to his Plan B – he admits everything to Upolu and throws himself on their mercy. Then he also goes to Dawn and talks to her about doing…something? I’m not really clear on what he proposed. But if no one flips on their former tribe, they will “go to rocks” at Tribal, meaning they will have to pick rocks to determine completely by chance who goes home, since any vote will be a 6-6 tie. Cochran and Dawn have to decide whether they want to chance “going to rocks” or flip on Savaii and become number seven and eight in the Upolu alliance, or stick with Savaii where they are numbers five and six. Crappy choice either way, really.

The Immunity Challenge is to hold a coconut balanced on a sort of hammock made of two ropes while standing on a perch. At intervals, they lengthen the rope, making it easier for the coconut to slip through. Dropping the coconut or leaving the perch means elimination, and there are two Immunity Necklaces awarded: one to the last man standing and one to the last woman standing. Dawn wins for the women, pretty easily – it was only the second round. Ozzy wins over Albert in the third round.

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