jeff probst survivor nicaragua 320 'Survivor' recap: God's WillRedemption Island Duel! Edna puts up a good fight, but Ozzy wins the duel.

After the duel, Albert continues his strategic talks and tells Brandon that he plans to go to the end with him and Coach. Brandon thinks they’re voting out Sophie. Coach goes off on Brandon for acting like Russell with the sneaking up and inserting himself into conversations. The best part is, right after that, Coach is trying to do an interview and Brandon just walks up and interrupts it. Meanwhile, Sophie wants to put Ozzy and Brandon together on Redemption Island so that at least one of them is gone, since she thinks they are the two most dangerous people to go against in front of a jury.

Immunity Challenge: They have to climb a wall and collect bags full of puzzle pieces. Once they have collected all five bags, they have to sort the pieces into pairs. They’ll have three pieces left over, and those three pieces have numbers on the back that reveal a combination. Then it’s up the wall again to the top, where they will put in the combination to unlock a box and raise a flag. Coach, Brandon, and Rick get their pieces first, and then Brandon is like a pair-matching savant and wins Immunity. He also wins a pizza dinner and chooses Rick to share it with him.

Once they get back to camp, Sophie tells Coach that they should get rid of Albert, since Brandon is off the table. She shares this with Rick and Brandon and everyone seems to be on the same page. Brandon gets Albert to say that he never made any promises to Rick about the finals (which he did, and we saw it in the opening scene). And then Brandon gets everyone together and tries to get to the truth, and Albert’s lies are exposed (though he denies them).

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