jeff probst survivor nicaragua 320 'Survivor' recap: Hug It OutRedemption Island Monster Christine strikes again this week, taking out Papa Bear in a fiercely-contested bean-bag-tossing competition and scowling magnificently the entire time. Her victory is watched by John and Jim, who apparently have a secret alliance going on that pretty much everyone else in their tribe can make a pretty good guess about, what with them stupidly going off to Redemption Arena together and all. It won’t matter this week, though, as Savaii wins a chicken reward and the immunity challenge, the always-painful-looking “who can hold the most weight” competition. After Keith and Albert drop out embarrassingly early for their tribes and Brandon and Jim manage to shoulder a show-record of 240 pounds each, it comes down to Dawn and Stacey, both of whom were apparently chosen to represent their tribes because those tribes hate middle-aged women. In the end, both women put up an impressive fight, but Stacey is just not able to support 160 pounds on just her ass and loses it to an ecstatic Dawn.

And so, it’s time for Upolu to figure out who to vote out again. Li’l Li’l Russell seems like a good choice, what with his frequent and totally meaningless apologies, general creepiness, and insistence that he just wants to play this game like a good person. But he also did really well in the challenge, so it’s between Edna, who is annoying and useless, and Stacey, who is strong but doesn’t seem to have any interest in making friends with her tribemates, which I really can’t blame her for. After Li’l Li’l Russell floods the floor of Tribal Council with his remorseful tears, Stacey is sent to join her only friend Christine on Redemption Island.

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