jud fabio birza survivor finale 'Survivor' recap: Jud The StudWell, it’s finally here: this boring season that never quite delivered on its crazy contestant potential is almost over. Jud has to win every immunity challenge to stick around, so he does. He wins the first one despite falling behind early on because Chase, Sash, and Holly can’t solve an easy puzzle even with a big head start. Back at camp, he rallies to get rid of Holly instead of Dan, which is pretty smart since who wouldn’t want to take Dan to the end over Holly? Well, Sash and Chase, apparently, since they decide to stick with their ally and get rid of Dan, who comes to life in his farewell speech and hates on everyone except Jud. So bitter, but yet, so awesome and so unexpected.

Then, after the usual silly fallen tribemates walk that includes special quitter nameplates for Naonka and the other Kelly, the Final Four head in to the Final Immunity Challenge, where they must balance an ever-growing stack of crappy uneven (and not uniformly so, which is no doubt unfair to whichever contestant happened to get the less flat ones) doubloons. There are a few scary moments when Jud nearly loses it, but he ends up beating the other alliance and relishing watching them scramble to stay in the game and win his vote when they return to camp. Ultimately, Jud sees right through sleazy Sash and respects Holly’s honesty and the fact that she’s the only person left who didn’t lie to him in the game, but those are also excellent reasons not to let her get anywhere near the Final Tribal, so the three guys vote her out.

And so, our Final Three are Jud, Chase, and Sash. Chase and Sash are stuck scrambling to win angry jury members over at the Final Tribal, while Jud is pretty much ignored because he is obviously going to win. As soon as he won that last immunity challenge, he won the million. And, after some predictably bitter speeches from Jane and Dan and a less predictable strong and decisive performance from Chase, Jud does just that, winning with five votes to Chase’s (!!) four (!!!). As for Sash, he doesn’t get any votes from anyone.

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