boston rob matt survivor 'Survivor' recap: JudasThis episode is pretty much a repeat of last week: someone finds an idol without a clue (Ralph, who I will now love forever simply because now Li’l Russell doesn’t have his precious idol), Onomatopoeia loses the reward/immunity challenge, and Phillip is freaking crazy. In between all of this, Li’l Russell manages to get his grubby little hands on the immunity clue hidden in his tribe’s reward basket, but Ralph sees him take it and calls him out on it.

Li’l Russell denies having a clue and thinks he’s so much smarter than everyone else, even though most of the tribe know exactly what he’s up to and Ralph already has the idol, anyway. Over at Camp Crazy, Phillip swears his undying Federal Agent? allegiance to Rob, who doesn’t really care. His alliance is ready, willing, and able to split their votes between Kristina and Phillip, but then Rob decides that Matt and Andrea are getting too close and when Matt runs over to shake the Zapato tribe’s hands after their victory, his fate is sealed. Rob convinces the rest of his alliance to vote for Matt, tells Matt and Andrea to split their votes between Kristina and Phillip, and then tests Phillip’s loyalty by telling him to vote for Kristina and seeing if he follows through. He does, but it doesn’t matter since she plays her idol. Matt goes to Redemption Island having no idea what just hit him but taking it on the chin — just like Jesus would.

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