survivor one world 'Survivor' recap: Just Annihilate ThemIn the wake of the Jonas elimination, the women hold a 6-5 majority, which has Kim pondering her options (stay with the original women’s alliance or her more recent Salani group?) and Troyzan and Jay the Model fretting that, among other things, Kim may be pondering her options. Jay hopes their next vote-out will be a girl, thus restoring the gender balance.

At the reward challenge, a giant waterslide and oversized puzzle cubes came into play, and the team of Mike, Kim, Leif, Christina, and Sabrina eke out a narrow victory, earning themselves an isolated getaway with all the 7Up they can drink. And while the Survivor rewards are mostly you-had-to-be there affairs, I totally get the appeal here, as I would probably go running into the ocean for a cold glass of 7Up right now. Anyway, on the reward, while Leif is pigging out loudly, Kim pulls Sabrina aside and they talk options. They decide that it’s more advantageous to them to stick with the women alliance (more advantageous, maybe, but more boring TV, and if it means throwing Jay the Model over for Alicia, count me OUT). Their first target looks to be Mike, the biggest and the strongest of the guys (also the in-their-alliance-est of the guys, so voting him out would certainly make a statement).

Back at camp, Kat talks to the reward-losers about voting out Mike as well, which makes Troyzan privately wary about depleting the supply of dude on the island. But when the rewarded return to camp, it takes Kim about three seconds to convince Troyzan that Mike has been campaigning against him and that he should be next to go.

So suddenly, Mike needs to win immunity desperately, though he doesn’t know it. But he chokes in the knot-untying part of the challenge, and then Jay the Model makes a most unlikely comeback in the puzzle round to take individual immunity. Which leaves Kim with a big decision (as far as the show is concerned, Kim is running the girls’ alliance). She seems set on ditching Mike, until Chelsea makes the big blunder of asking Jay to vote for Mike in front of Alicia and Christina. Jay (rightly) assumes that letting the women who are ostensibly not in the Salani alliance listen in on strategic planning means there may not be a Salani alliance. Maybe go back to squabbling with Tarzan about stupid stuff, Chelsea. Kim gets word that Jay is twigged and manages to nimbly convince both Mike and Jay that they’re all voting Christina, all while keeping the two of them from talking about how fishy Chelsea was being. Kim’s good.

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