survivor one world 'Survivor' recap: Kat NappedWhen treemail arrives, the Survivors find out the winner of Reward will get to go away from camp. Kim and Kat immediately agree to take one another as long as they can also avoid leaving Christina, Alicia, and Troy at camp together.

Reward Challenge: Answer questions about how the majority answered questions. If you get it right, you get to chop someone else’s rope and three chops sends a doll representing that person into the fire. The creepy part is that the dolls are dressed like each person, and after they burn, they leave a skeleton hanging there. To the surprise of no one, Troy gets the most chops and goes out first. Tarzan and Chelsea follow. Then Kat and Sabrina, and then Christina. Alicia and Kim are the final two, and Kim wins the reward of a helicopter ride to a private beach for a picnic. She gets to pick someone, so she picks Alicia. And then despite her earlier promise to Kat, she picks Chelsea. Troy talks a lot of smack about how this shows the pecking order in the alliance, and Kat is PISSED. This challenge was just like the board game True Colors, which I think got pulled from the market because (at least in my group of friends), it always caused fights and someone stomping out of the room, pissed. Genius.

While on the reward, Kim worries about the lasting effects of the challenge. And she’s right to be worried, because Troy is using the opportunity to work on Kat’s mind. Sabrina lets Troy talk to see who will go along with his plan, and Christina seems most willing to flip. When Kim gets back and sees how upset Kat is about the whole thing, she regrets not taking her.

Then a pig wanders into camp and they all run around and giggle, but fail to actually catch it. Well, Troy’s the only one who even gets close, and I suspect he might be botching it on purpose because he doesn’t want to deal with it. Kim is happy that something happened to break the tension after the Reward.

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