brandon hantz survivor 520 'Survivor' recap: Li'l Li'l FailureAfter getting all of one vote from the person who just left, John decides he needs to change things around and cut open three coconuts so his tribe will see him as a provider. Ultimately, it doesn’t really matter, as the Ozzy, Keith, and Jim already have a solid game-winning alliance. Well, except for Jim, who continues to be suspicious of Ozzy. And he should be, since Ozzy goes off on his own and immediately finds the stupid idol without even finding the clue first, because once again, the people behind the scenes can’t be bothered to even try to hide that thing.

Over at Camp Upolu, Christine is able to find the clue, but not the idol itself. That’s bad news for her, since everyone knows that she was looking for it before and she doesn’t appear to be in an alliance with anyone. She’s certainly not in Coach’s majority alliance, due to being stupid enough to express her desire to vote him out about three seconds into the game last week. Now Coach wants her gone, and after Upolu loses the immunity, it seems like there’s nothing stopping him from getting that wish. Until Li’l Li’l Russell, who is so pure of heart and honest and Christian that he can’t keep lying to Coach about the fact that he’s related to Li’l Russell (Coach magnanimously decides not to hold that against him – for now), decides that Mikayla and her more-attractive-than-Li’l-Li’l-Russell’s-wife ways must leave the game ASAP no matter what and lies to his alliance that Stacey and Christine are planning to vote for her.

They aren’t, so they’re both shocked and pretty pissed off when Coach accuses them of it at Tribal Council. It seems like everyone is going to vote for Mikayla, even after Li’l Li’l Russell admits to lying about Stacey and Christine, only for her to receive no votes whatsoever. Stacey and Christine, who still didn’t realize that they were on the outs together, vote apart for Sophie and Edna, while the other seven split their votes between Stacey and Christine just in case one of them found the idol. Neither did, and Christine is the first to go from Upolu, the scowl never leaving her face.

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