jeff probst survivor nicaragua 320 'Survivor' recap: Loyal WomenOzzy is pissed that his alliance blind-sided him and declares himself a “free agent” and then tells everyone on his tribe that he has the Immunity Idol. The rest of his tribe thinks he’s being a giant baby, because he is. And speaking of Idols, Brandon finds the third clue to the Immunity Idol and spends all morning looking for it with Coach and Albert, not knowing that Coach already has it.

Christine and Elyse compete in the Redemption Island Duel (witnessed by Sophie and Rick, and Ozzy and Keith). They basically play shuffleboard, where they have to slide pucks down a board and try to knock one another’s pucks off to score points. It’s close, but an obviously exhausted Christine pulls it off. She also does the old “pretend to scratch my nose but really flip you off” move when Rick tries to talk to her, so her former tribe knows that she’s still bitter.

Before the Immunity Challenge, Ozzy realizes that he threw a temper tantrum like a child and apologizes to Keith and then the rest of the tribe. At the Immunity Challenge, half of each tribe has to assemble a wheelbarrow and maneuver it through an obstacle course to dump some coconuts in a bin. Then the other half of the tribe takes the wheelbarrow apart and creates a slingshot with the pieces, then uses the slingshot and coconuts to knock down targets. Upolu has a huge lead in the first half, but they totally blow it when only Albert is able to knock down any targets. Halfway through, Coach tries to get Mikayla to sit out her turn at the slingshot and she refuses. I don’t get why it matters, since Coach didn’t knock down any targets either, and from what we saw, Mikayla did get a few close ones, as did Coach. But they lose to Savaii, and Coach constructs a narrative that Mikayla lost the Challenge for them because she wouldn’t take Coach’s instructions to let the men handle it. **** off, Coach.

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