survivor one world 'Survivor' recap: Microbes!There’s a lot of jockeying for position going on, with Kim in the middle. One group is Alicia, Christina and Tarzan, and the other group is Chelsea and Sabrina. Both groups think that Kim is on their side. Kim is basically just waiting to see how things shake out to decide how to play it.

Reward Challenge is basically Dizzy Bats and then solve a puzzle. The winner gets to go on a yacht, take a shower, change clothes and have dinner. It’s fairly close, but Chelsea wins. She chooses Sabrina and Kim to go with her. Man, Kim is racking up the rewards. While this may seem dumb at first, Chelsea doesn’t want to leave Sabrina at camp to talk to the people on the other side and potentially be swayed. Not sure why she’s taking Kim, though.

Left behind at camp, Alicia rallies the troops to vote for Chelsea. They also decide that Kim had better still want to vote with them when she returns. They feel like if Kim comes back and says she doesn’t want to vote for Chelsea now, they will know where her true loyalties lie, and Alicia is willing to consider taking Tarzan to the finals instead of Kim.

When Kim returns, she compares notes with Alicia and convinces Alicia that Tarzan was trying to play them both and take out Kim first, and then Alicia. So now Alicia still wants to vote out Chelsea, but if she wins immunity, she wants to get rid of Tarzan.

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