jeff probst survivor nicaragua 320 'Survivor' recap: P90XOn “Survivor”: With twelve players left in the game, the tribes merge to form the new Marty-named Libertad tribe. They celebrate with the traditional merge feast, which has enough food left over to enjoy later. Except that as soon as they try to do that, Naonka decides that since she was stuck with the smallest tortilla, she is within her rights to steal all the tortilla-making supplies and some fruit for good measure. Holly sees her do this, and when people wonder where all their stuff went, Holly calls Naonka out.

She denies it all, but is later convinced to confess, since everyone knows she did it anyway. Despite her transgressions, she’s still not a target to be voted out next. That honor goes to Alina and Marty. Both have a chance to win immunity, which goes to both a woman and a man this time, but lose to Jud and Jane, who is apparently made of iron. They have no choice but to scramble and scheme back at camp, but ultimately it seems to be Sash who saves Marty by asking his allies to vote for Alina instead so he won’t break his promise to Marty. Like idiots, they all go along with it because they apparently want Sash to win a million dollars. Except for Jane, who hates Marty so much that she votes for him no matter what.

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