jeff probst survivor nicaragua 320 'Survivor' recap: Play With FireNo sooner is Marty gone than Holly swings back in her manic phase and stays up all night plotting with Jane how to get rid of the increasingly powerful Brenda. Once they convince Naonka to join them, things look good for the new alliance and very bad for Brenda.

Too bad none of these brilliant minds could come up with a plan for what to do with the fire when they had to leave it unattended to go to a reward challenge, as they try to “protect” it from the rain by basically surrounding it with every single flammable object Nicaragua has to offer. Shockingly, when the reward losers return to camp, most of it has been burned down.

This makes everyone sad for like two minutes and then it’s back to the game. Jane puts in another impressive challenge performance to win an immunity that Brenda knows she needed thanks to Chase’s inability to figure out the difference between thinking Brenda is really hot and thinking Brenda is a trustworthy friend. He runs and tells on everyone to Brenda, who refuses to do anything about it because, as she tells Probst at Tribal Council, scrambling is beneath her. Unfortunately for her, giving away his immunity idol is beneath Sash, so he holds onto it and Brenda is almost unanimously voted out.

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