jeff probst survivor nicaragua 320 'Survivor' recap: Prig RoastStacey and Christine face off in the battle of the socially inept, but first Stacey tells Dawn and the blonde girl from Savaii all about Upolu and how she thinks some guy named “Benjamin” (how soon we forget that Coach has a real name!) is running the show over there. And then she loses. Coach is outraged when he hears that Stacey used his real name and told Savaii that he’s in charge at Upolu, but channels that into a successful hunt for the immunity idol, which he shows to Albert and Sophie.

Stacey’s words also serve to shake things up at Savaii, as Ozzy makes the crucial mistake of saying that Coach should get rid of Albert regardless of their alliance before the merge happens. Jim hears this and realizes that Ozzy is planning to do the same to him and/or Keith. After Upolu wins the disgusting roast pig-eating immunity challenge, Jim rallies John, Dawn, Keith, and the blonde girl together against Ozzy. Except they still think they need Ozzy for challenges, so they target his girlfriend Elyse instead. Ozzy, on the other hand, is sure that John and his herpes jokes will be the next to go. In the end, Keith and the blonde girl refuse to take a stand against Ozzy and cast throw away votes for Dawn, and Jim, John, and Dawn send Elyse to battle Christine.

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