phillip sheppard survivor redemption island 'Survivor' recap: Race WarsMike, Matt, and David face off in a Redemption Island challenge. David loses, and so becomes the first member of the jury. Back at camp, with Rob’s alliance making it clear that they are two separate tribes despite the merge, Zapato’s rice rations are bigger than Onomatopoeia’s because they have fewer mouths to feed.

Phillip doesn’t like this, so he steals some of Zapato’s rice. But then karma strikes and Onomatopoeia’s rice container is moldy and full of maggots, so they have to dump out all of their rice, pick out the mold and maggots, and find a new container. Shockingly, Steve isn’t willing to let them put their rice in Zapato’s container, and this angers Phillip so much that he threatens to steal Zapato’s container for his own tribe when he gets the chance. Steve says he’s crazy (WHICH HE IS) but Phillip takes that as a racist insult somehow.

The rest of Phillip’s tribe watch all of this unfold and consider voting Phillip out instead of someone from Zapato, while Julie reacts to Phillip’s outburst by stealing his swimming trunks and burying them. This further enrages Phillip, and he decides to go to Tribal Council wearing nothing but his pink briefs and his meditation feather, where we are forced to watch Round 3 of the racial discussions until, in a bit of a surprise, Julie is sent to Redemption Island.

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