survivor one world 'Survivor' recap: Rolling Over and Playing DeadThe episode opens with an extended recap of the season. The guys were cocky. The women tried to cooperate but couldn’t win any challenges. Then the women turned it around and the men imploded, helped along by Colton’s casual racism and classism. Then Colton got medically evacuated and the men got picked off one-by-one (except Tarzan). And now it’s Alicia and Christina versus Chelsea and Sabrina, and Kim is in the middle.

The morning after Tarzan leaves, Kim and Sabrina talk about their endgame. Kim floats the idea of dumping Chelsea and taking Christina to the finals. Sabrina is shocked (really?).

Immunity Challenge: Untie ropes to open a gate and then run across a balance beam maze without falling off. Run across a rope net and gather puzzle pieces. The puzzle, when assembled, gives clues to three numbers. Run up a ladder and use the numbers to raise a flag and win. It’s the typical endgame immunity challenge. Kim is the first to make an attempt at the combination, but she gets the numbers wrong. Alicia also makes an attempt and gets it wrong. Chelsea also tries and fails. Finally, Kim gets the right numbers in the right order and wins. That was pretty intense.

Kim gets it set up so that Alicia and Christina are voting for Chelsea and Chelsea and Sabrina are voting for Alicia. So Kim will be the deciding vote. The complicating factor is, since Kim has immunity, Chelsea wants her Idol. At Tribal Council, Kim gives a big speech about how she’s tried to play the game with her head, but her heart gets in the way. Everyone seems to know that Kim is the deciding vote, including Probst. Chelsea tells her that her vote tonight could earn her respect from the jury. Nobody plays an Immunity Idol. And then Kim votes out Alicia. Holy ****. I did not see that coming. I was thinking it would be funny if Kim voted for Christina and let Alicia and Chelsea draw rocks.

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