jeff probst survivor nicaragua 320 'Survivor' recap: Sash Goes Both WaysThings are looking grim for Sash now that Naonka and the other Kelly are suddenly gone, until the other six people left in the game realize that he’s the crucial swing vote and work to court him. Unfortunately, the other six people left in the game are also stupid and charm-free, so while Chase brings Holly and Jane on an overnight luxury reward even though he promised one of those spots to Sash, Jud, Dan and Ben are unable to convince Sash to join up with them in the 24 hours they have alone with him.

When Chase and Holly return to camp, they convince Sash to ally with them again by promising that he will be in the Final Three with them instead of Jane. Ben senses that something is wrong and goes all dirt squirrel on everyone, acting like Chase is his best friend and ally and agreeing to vote Jud out in exchange for Chase’s loyalty. Jud, on the other hand, is told that his alliance is voting for Holly. Neither Jud nor Ben win immunity, so Sash, Chase, Jane and Holly get to take their pick of who to vote out. They wisely choose Ben, much to his surprise.

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