jeff probst survivor nicaragua 320 'Survivor' recap: The Biggest ChickenOn “Survivor”: Just when Marty thinks he has this game in the bag, Probst announces it’s time for a tribe swap! Espada becomes Yve, Tyrone, Dan, Holly, Ben, Chase, Alina, and Noanka, while La Flor is now Brenda, Sash, Jud, Kelly B., that other Kelly no one cares about, Jill, Jane, and Marty.

So things seem to suck right there for Jill, Jane, and Marty, although Marty’s quite pleased with his plush new camp and tells everyone that he has an immunity idol. Brenda can’t believe his stupidity, but it doesn’t matter this week as La Flor wins immunity, thanks to Jud and Jane (!) being really good at skee-ball.

Meanwhile, over at Espada, despite winning a reward of chickens, life totally sucks there, and Naonka is ready to quit. She doesn’t put up much of a fight to stay in the game, nor does she play her immunity idol at Tribal Council, but it ultimately doesn’t matter – Tyrone’s bossiness around camp and the fact that he ate a bigger piece of chicken than everyone else is enough to rub the ex-La Florians the wrong way, and Holly is more than happy to join up with them. As is Dan, for some reason. So that was pretty stupid, but I guess now they’ll have that much more chicken to split between themselves before they all quit or lose to La Flor. Oh, and the Medallion of Power is gone, too.

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