survivor one world 'Survivor' recap: The Fall of ManA big storm rolls in and since the women’s shelter sucks, they end up cold and wet all night long, even though the men offered to let them sleep in their shelter. In the morning, they go over and warm up by the men’s fire. Not all of the men are happy about that; Matt in particular seems pissed.

For the Reward Challenge, they have to look at a series of items, and then run back and recreate the tableau before their opponent does. First team to five points wins. The women jump out to a three point lead, and then Kat and Troy compete. After seven tries, Kat actually gets it right. And then Christina finishes it off for the women, and the men get skunked. The women win a full fishing kit along with a canoe and paddles.

After the challenge, it’s once again cold and rainy and the women beg the men for an ember, which they get. But the men are getting tired of giving handouts, especially Colton, who complains about never getting anything from the women. Except the Hidden Immunity Idol, which he seems to have forgotten about. The other men want to be able to take out the canoe, and the women say no, and are actually offended by the suggestion. Later, the women manage to catch some small fish with their new equipment, which helps their moods.

For the Immunity Challenge, six people are blindfolded and tied together in pairs. One caller has to lead them through a maze to water towers, which will be knocked over, releasing puzzle pieces. Once all of the pieces are collected, the caller has to put together the puzzle. First team with a completed puzzle wins.

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