jeff probst survivor nicaragua 320 'Survivor' recap: The Old and the InfirmNow that there are two people on Redemption Island (Semhar and Christine), it’s time for a duel. As with last season, two people from each tribe are invited to witness it. Upolu sends Coach and Stacey and the Savaii tribe sends Ozzy and Elyse. The challenge involves balancing a totem on a platform on top of a pole. At regular intervals, they have to add a segment to the pole, making it longer. If the totem falls, you lose. Before they start, Semhar does a weird spoken word thing all about this awesome man whom she has not yet met. I think she’s losing it on Redemption Island. That’s assuming that she was normal before she went there, though, and I’m not so sure about that. Semhar eventually loses, which means Christine and her filthy neck (seriously, there were layers of grime) get to stick around for a while. Semhar gives a big speech about how she felt abandoned by her tribe and whatever. That girl needs therapy.

Brandon finally takes off his shirt and reveals that he’s Russell’s nephew, mostly because he’s feeling guilty about getting caught trying to oust Mikayla. Note that I don’t think he felt guilty about trying to oust Mikayla; just that he got caught. The tribe is pretty whatever about the reveal. Later, Brandon kind of goes off about Mikayla and tells her that he’s not the only one who wanted her out, and yells at her in front of the whole tribe. And then Brandon reveals to the camera how much he struggles with good versus evil. He needs to join Mikayla at the therapist’s office.

Over on the other tribe, Ozzy reveals to Keith that he has an Immunity Idol. Keith immediately tells Whitney. Meanwhile, Papa Bear is feeling like an outcast in his own tribe, because he’s not clicking with anyone.

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