jeff probst survivor nicaragua 320 'Survivor' recap: This is MY ISLAND!Troy realizes that his alliance is for **** after Jay gets voted out, and he lashes out at Christina in particular and women in general. Remember early in the season when we all thought he was a sexist pig, but then he kind of won us over? Turns out he really is a sexist pig.

Reward Challenge: Survivor Auction. Kim is the big winner, getting a shower and peanut butter and chocolate. Alicia and Tarzan use all their money to get letters from home. Troy saves up his money and wins an advantage in the next immunity challenge, despite the women’s alliance urging Christina to use all her money to get it first. Kat wins a mystery auction that turns out to be a strawberry cake to be shared by the whole tribe.

After the challenge, Troy looks for an Immunity Idol and fakes finding one to fool the women. Kim says that they should all go look also, even though they’re not even sure that there is another idol out there. Everyone agrees, but no one seems to actually look besides Kim.

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