survivor david stephanie 'Survivor' recap: This Is StupidStephanie is gone for good, as she loses the Redemption Island challenge to Matt, who may have Jesus on his side after all. Unfortunately for Zapato, however, they still have a whiny, arrogant loser tribemate to deal with in David, who makes it very obvious that he doesn’t like or trust Sarita.

Onomatopoeia also has an odd man out on their tribe: Phillip, of course, who has another fit, this time over being denied a spoonful of crispy rice. It doesn’t matter in the end, as Onomatopoeia wins another immunity challenge, thanks mostly to Grant, while Sarita’s weaknesses become more obvious to her tribe (though they were not, I would say, the reason why they lost it).

Even though a merge is bound to be coming soon and alliance loyalty is much more valuable than challenge ability, they decide they’re better off with David’s “strength” than Sarita’s loyalty and, much to her surprise, vote her out.

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