jeff probst survivor nicaragua 320 'Survivor' recap: Welcome To Our OolOn “Survivor”: In the absence of Kelly B., La Flor self-destructs, losing both the reward and immunity challenges to Espada, even though they still have Dan. Espada gets to visit a Nicaraguan farm, and Alina’s tears of happiness at eating some real food anger Naonka for some reason. It doesn’t really matter, since they don’t go to Tribal tonight and so we only spend like five minutes with them.

At La Flor, Marty and Jill know their numbers are pretty much up, and Jane is really enjoying watching them squirm when she isn’t catching, cooking and eating secret fish. Sash offers Marty a deal: his immunity idol for Sash’s promise that he won’t be voted out and that he’ll give Marty the idol back later.

This seems a ridiculous idea with every reason for Marty not to agree to it, but he does, so we all wait for his ouster to inevitably follow. Except that it doesn’t — Marty gets two votes to Jill’s three, and she goes home. And we’re left not understanding anyone’s logic. Oh, and the other Kelly got her first confessional.

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