krista-klumpp-stephanie-valencia-survivor.JPGCracks are starting to develop in both tribes’ majority alliances, as Stephanie and Krista use their trip to the Redemption Island Arena (where Kristina falls to Matt, sadly) to let fellow audience members Rob and Grant know that they will flip to their side in a heartbeat if they get the chance.

And with Rob and Grant out of camp for a while, Andrea and Phillip have a chance to bond over their outsider status. They won’t need to use it against the rest of their tribe this week, however, as Onomatopoeia finally win a challenge for real, thanks to Rob’s ability with puzzles, Sarita’s decision to have Stephanie solve their puzzle instead of designated puzzle-solver David, and Ralph’s inability to follow the simplest of instructions. That means it’s down to Krista and Stephanie going to Redemption Island tonight, and though the scheming and thoroughly unpleasant Stephanie seems like the obvious choice, Krista is voted out.

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