survivor david stephanie 'Survivor: Redemption Island': At Zapatera, it's Stephanie vs. SaritaKrista and Matt face off at “Redemption Island,” while Zapatera turns into a battle of Stephanie vs. Sarita.

Redemption Island

Matt and Krista bond over their love of the Lord, but she says she’ll still go tough on him in the duel. The next day they get their faith on and bond. When it’s time for the duel, Andrea/Natalie and Julie/Mike show up to watch. The duel is retrieving bags of balls, using a ball to solve a table maze.

Krista is really good at the grappling hook retrieval of bags, so she has a lead going into the maze, albeit not a huge one. Matt catches up, though, and pulls it out because Krista drops her ball through a hole when she’s almost done. She leaves her Bible with Matt and he’s touched.


Steve is surprised he got Krista and Stephanie’s votes. Stephanie tells him (in a very calm, mature manner) that it’s because they wanted to make the strongest team and they don’t think he’s that strong in challenges. It’s kind of a wake up call for Steve, but he’s less mature and calm than Stephanie is about the whole encounter. They had to vote for someone, Steve. You realize that, right?

The big drama today is Sarita’s cavity, she’s driving everybody crazy. Uh oh, is her annoyingness going to keep Stephanie around? One threat left and you gotta be whining about your tooth? Dumb move. Meanwhile, David already wants Stephanie to stay and to boot Sarita.

So Stephanie starts working on the tribe, Steve first. She mends fences with him and lets it be known that Sarita is the weakest. He falls for it hook, line and sinker. Sneaky, Steph. Well done.


Ashley and Natalie are having another salon/beach day where they are clipping their body hair. Ugh. Where do they find these people? Can they just be sent home ’cause they’re gross? Andrea, Rob and Grant finally join in, but then Phillip comes over to ask if the girls will check on the fire for him. Gawd, daaaaad. You’re so laaaaame.

Phillip is still hopping mad that no one helps and the girls don’t like him ordering them around instead of asking for their help. Rob and Grant realize that there’s no point arguing with the girls because they’re young and stupid and won’t help, but you don’t want to rock the boat because there are three of them, they have votes. Don’t irritate them.

So Phillip flips his lid and calls himself “the red stepchild”? Is that what he says? Maybe it was “redheaded,” like the saying actually goes, but it sounded like “red stepchild” to me. Phillip has a point that the girls are lazy and worthless, but he is so abrasive, to a ridiculous degree. His lack of self-awareness is staggering. Rob gets the tribe to make peace for the challenge, calls himself Arafat. *snicker*


There is some weird Phillip-baiting smack talk, then the challenge is revealed to be a ball-launching challenge. Phillip/Natalie launch balls for Ome, Steph/David for Zap. Out in the field, it’s Grant/Mike, Rob/Steve, Julie/Andrea and Ashley/Ralph. Ome gets up 3-0 easily, as the orange balls are coming like right to him and Mike can’t keep up with Grant AT ALL. Rob then gets one and Grant gets the last one to win 5-0. Geez. Probst, your man-crush on Grant is showing!


Ome goes to a marvelous feast and Rob spies a HII clue, which Grant grabs. They go read it and Phillip notices, so they have to show him. Phillip is so tickled about his alliance, nicknamed “Stealth ‘R’ Us.” *headsmack* But since they tried to hide the clue from him, he, his lion and his gorilla are out for … blood, or something. It’s unclear.


David is lobbying for Stephanie and Sarita is on to them, but she’s going to just sit back and expect to get votes (or not, as the case may be). That’s dangerous, Sarita. Man, Julie’s bodybuilder physique and weird boobs is really distracting.

Stephanie is convinced they’ll lose every single challenge if they boot her. Um, maybe I’m misremembering, but I can’t really see a difference between Sarita and Stephanie in challenges. Hmmm. Steve points that out, but David keeps lobbyinig. Julie says it’s a matter of strength vs. trust. Honestly? I’d go with trust. You’re going into the merge at least even anyway, maybe down. I’d want a strong alliance.

Tribal Council

David and Stephanie kind of gang up on Sarita and Probst helps, hmm. I like it when he stirs the pot, but – he’s almost just saying vote for Stephanie, Sarita sucks. A little more impartiality please, Probst.

David is still lobbying hard about focusing on winning and not caring about trust. But what good is numbers if Stephanie flips the first chance she gets and teams up with Boston Rob? Then y’all are sitting ducks? I think that’s foolish. Stephanie cannot be trusted. At all.

During the vote, we only see Sarita vote for Steph and David/Steph vote for Sarita. The votes go Sarita, Steph, Sarita, Steph, Steph and Steph. Guess nobody flipped but David. I think that’s a good move, but we’ll see how it plays out, won’t we?

Next week: Phillip is still crazy, Rob has a target on his back? Intriguing. Questions for Krista? Leave ’em in the comments.

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