natalie grant cbs survivor 'Survivor: Redemption Island': Grant Mattos or Natalie Tenerelli? Who will Boston Rob turn on?The “Survivor: Redemption Island” crew is getting down to its last few Tribal Councils. A kink in Boston Rob’s plans has him choosing between two alliance members he likes. Since, ya know, no one will go against Rob’s decrees.


Dreamy music plays while the five-man Omer alliance celebrates. Ashley thinks she and Natalie are right, but Natalie runs to Rob to talk about it. Oh my god. He plays right up to her fears by saying there is something not trustworthy about Ashley. Can Rob pull this off? If no one wakes up and smells what he’s shoveling he will. (I love Rob, but c’mon people!)

The Isle of Redemption

Andrea and Matt immediately get into it. He’s still bitter about her voting for him, but she rightly points out that he totally ratted her out to Rob like a big dummy. In the morning, Andrea is pretty upset with her tribe for the blindside. Well, it’s a game and you got played. Suck it up. It’s not real life.

The four-way duel is a puzzle where you move a handle through a maze, then assemble a puzzle. Andrea kinda panics and gets frustrated, while Ralph finishes very quickly with the maze, followed by Mike and Matt, finally Andrea. The puzzle portion evens them all back out, though, and Mike finishes first, followed by Matt and then Andrea. Aww, sorry Ralph. During the challenge, Jeff hilariously says if you lose, your shot at the money is OVER and you become a JURY MEMBER and that BLOWS. Hahaha. Many times during each season I just want to kiss Jeff Probst right on the mouth.

Oh my god, did they just show a crocodile eat a bird?! Run, bird, run! Or fly, as it were.


The tribe is struggling because they say “Zapatera ate too much while they were here.” Uh, maybe it’s ’cause you guys got your rice full of maggots and you wanted to keep all your things separate?

Grant and Rob start talking about getting Ashley out next, while Phillip is hilariously trying to get the girls to give up their rice to the bigger, stronger men. OH. MY. GOD. Does he understand that the immunity is individual at this point? Phillip then goes completely bonkers on the girls despite the fact that they are totally in the right. Take your droopy drawers and your crazy-ass delusions and go away, dude.

He’s like, “They piss me off, man.” Uh, what?! You’re a complete psycho. I admire Ashley and Natalie’s restraint at not punching him. I may not like those girls much, but seriously – he is a total lunatic.

That night, Rob and Grant get into it about Ashley, convincing him that they are tight and she’s a snake. Grant is pretty confident he, Rob and Phillip will be the Final 3. I will say, though, Ashley has a point about getting rid of the strongest physical competitor. Rob should consider that. Plus, Grant is smart and well-liked, unlike Phillip or either of the girls. He is the one I’d be most afraid of to win the money, if I was Rob.

But he keeps at it and starts really sucking up to Natalie. He thinks she’s a sweetheart and Ashley is not.


The challenge is retrieving bags of puzzle pieces with hooks while having a hand tied behind your back. The puzzle pieces go into a fish puzzle. It’s pretty close between Rob and Ashley, with Ashley pulling it out. Nice! It’s always nice to see someone who’s butt is on the line pull one out. Ashley picks Natalie to join her on the room service reward.


Rob decides to take out Grant now that Ashley’s got Immunity, which is interesting. Rob tells the girls and they’re on board. He then tells Phillip they have to play it cool. *snort* If Rob were smart, he’d take Ashley and Phillip to the finals. They’re not very well liked, he would easily beat them.

After the girls get their room service reward, Rob seems to rethink his decision to take out Grant. He sees Natalie and Ashley as a powerful duo. He’s considering the idea that whoever returns from Redemption aligns with the girls.

Tribal Council

Rob admits that the only thing he has going for him is that perhaps Grant is seen as a bigger threat than he is. Ashley also talks about how close she and Natalie are, which is not the smartest thing, but it’s not like anybody’s stupid. They know the two girls are tight.

The men get emotional talking about their families. Blah blah. Jeff, stop lobbing your man-crushes such softballs. At times like that, I don’t much want to smooch Jeff.

During the vote, we only see Ashley vote for Grant. The votes go Natalie, Grant, Grant and Grant. 

Well, for Boston Rob to win, he had to take out Grant at some point. There’s too much of a chance he gets jury votes. Next should be Natalie and then Rob’s sitting pretty – unless the Redemption Island returnee gets slotted immediately into the Final 3, which would be pretty damn crappy.

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