survivor andrea boehlke 'Survivor: Redemption Island': Hardest challenge ever?Not a lot of suspense on “Survivor: Redemption Island’s” latest episode, but the loved ones are there and there is what looks like one of the most exhausting challenges ever.


The Omers are pretty excited they’ve rousted all the Zapatera people, though as the guys at Redemption Island point out – if any of the four of them make the Top 3, they will totally win the money. Natalie starts crying because it’s all getting too much for her. Luckily, this is the family member episode!

In the morning, they get a Sprint phone in treemail telling them to come to the duel, but they get videos from home first. Meanwhile, the Redemption Island guys get a Sprint phone as well with their own videos.

Redemption Island

Before the four-way duel, Jeff tells them the winner of the duel will get to spend time with their loved one. The challenge is breaking tiles with a ball. First three to break four tiles stay in the game. First one to do it wins the family visit.

Mike takes four rounds to break four tiles. Boom. He’s great and seriously, what a hunk, rockin’ the scruff. Mmmm hmmm. The next two are Matt and Ralph, so Steve is out.

When it’s reward time, Mike’s mom jane comes out and wow – what a lovely woman. Jeff then puts to Mike a decision – he can give up his time and give time to Matt and Ralph or he can give the loved ones to the six Omers left.

Mike quotes a Bible verse and wants to give love to the most people and make friends of enemies. The “amateur” Omers are delighted. Rob’s reaction is VERY telling. Mike’s mom calls him a hero. Aww.

Back at the Redemption Island camp, Ralph is pissed off that Mike did that. He thinks the God stuff is crap and he thinks it was a stupid choice. Wow, really? I feel like that’s what I would do too. It’s the right thing to do, plus it might win you a million dollars.


It’s happy fun time with the relatives. Rob talks strategy with his sister and is so focused on winning. Man, I’d love to see him win, but I do not think he will. Rob is not worried at this point, as long as Andrea doesn’t win the challenge.

Immunity Challenge

It’s a staircase puzzle. Each step only fits in one spot and it’s a long-ass staircase. Build it, race to the top, raise your flag, Rob, Grant and Andrea are the only two in contention. It is neck-and-neck, but Rob wins by one step. He is almost crawling to the flag and then he kinda collapses. Stands up, then almost falls down for real. But he says he’s fine. Hmm.

Was that the hardest challenge ever? I mean, there have been some doozies, but running up and down stairs is lugging those heavy steps had to be just brutal. And in 110 degree heat?


The alliance seems pretty solid that Andrea is going. Phillip makes a good go at getting voted out by being his usual annoying self, but I don’t think for one second Rob will let Phillip get voted out. He’s too important to Rob’s strategy.

Tribal Council

Andrea says she trusts the alliance she has made, while Natalie says she’s nervous. Phillip tries to talk about how great he used to be in the Army, but Jeff nips that in the bud. Jeff asks if anybody feels insecure and nobody raises their hand. Wow. Probst then has Phillip share a great-grandfather nugget. *snicker*

During the vote, we don’t see anybody’s choice. The votes go Andrea, Phillip, Andrea, Andrea and Andrea. She seems surprised and disappointed but not hopping mad. 

Next week
: Is Rob losing control?

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